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10 LA Restaurants Offering Make-at-Home Meal Kits

Make your favorite LA restaurant meals at home.

We’re now about a month into our safer-at-home lockdown, and you can’t be blamed if your food game is coming up short: there’s only so many times you can order from the same neighborhood standby, or open up a can of whatever’s left in the back of your cupboard. You don’t *really* want to learn to cook from scratch, but you also REALLY don’t want to go to the supermarket, which is why a bunch of LA’s best restaurants and chefs have got your back, with make-at-home food kits that allow you to recreate your favorite restaurant dishes in your own kitchen. Here’s a bunch of the best ones:


Evan Funke’s internationally acclaimed Italian spot’s giving you the opportunity to make the chef’s cacio e pepe, pesto genovese, and more from your own kitchen: each two-person kit comes with handmade pasta, sauce, cheese, and all the other instructions you’d need to recreate Funke’s famous dishes at home. They’re also doing prepared items to-go, including pizza and their insane Sfincioni focaccia.
Cost: $30-42


Citywide delivery starting April 17
If you’re like us, you’re definitely missing out on those epic group dinners in Koreatown right about now. Thankfully, Chris Oh has your back: the dude behind Hanjip is rocking a brand-new delivery-only concept that brings all the KBBQ greats directly to your house. His kits for two or four people include marinated meats of your choice, rice, sauces, and four servings of banchan. Don’t have a grill at home? He’s got you covered: You can order a tabletop grill and grill pan along with your food.
Cost: $55+


The revered Mid-City vegan restaurant has a ton of plant-based menu options to make at home, including enchiladas, spaghetti and meatballs, and a four-person grilling kit that includes burgers, hot dogs, beans, potato salad, and more. You can also order easier heat-and-serve dishes like asparagus soup and meatloaf with mashed potatoes.
Cost: $16-$65

Yeastie Boys

Citywide Delivery (“All of LA. Even Long Beach.”)
Leave it to Yeastie Boys’ head honcho, Evan Fox -- who once was the public face of MedMen -- to lead the charge in at-home stoner food: His always-delicious bagel-sandwich concept has pivoted to frozen pizza bagels, topped with sausage, pepperoni, and more, each for $5. In his own words: “fuck Totino’s!” DM him on Insta for scheduling.
Cost: $5+


Bricia Lopez’s beloved Oaxacan restaurant, made famous by the late-great food critic Jonathan Gold, is offering prep-your-own versions of their crunchy tlayudas, as well as family-sized taco kits, barbacoa, and (of course) their stunning mole.
Cost: $45+


Steve Samson’s downtown Italian emporium is doing the fresh-at-home pasta thing too, with packages including tagliatelle with ragu bolognese, tortellini with brown butter and sage, and both meat and vegetarian lasagna. They’ve also got a make-your-own negroni package (key!) and market items like beans and eggs.
Cost: $17+


Shipping nationwide
Not only is Porto’s doing pickup of their savory-and-sweet baked deliciousness, but they’re shipping bake-at-home kits nationwide, so you can send some of LA’s bestness to your family holed up on the East Coast and Zoom a dinner party together. Offerings include seafood potato balls, cheese rolls, sprinkledoodle cookies, and guava strudels.
Cost: $16.99 per item


Culver City
The Culver City-via-Brooklyn pizza restaurant is doing pickup and delivery of pre-made versions of their famous pies, but in case you want to get more involved, they’ve also got DIY pizza and pasta kits with all the necessary accoutrement; pizza kits include the Bee Sting, with sopressata, basil, and honey, and pasta options include an oxtail spaccatelli with parmigiano and celery leaf. 
Cost: $16-$22

Lido Bottle Works

Newport Beach
In the O.C. and jealous of all these LA offerings? No worries: Lido Bottle Work’s got you covered, with a home-cooking pasta kit that includes handmade fettuccini, roasted heirloom carrots, English peas, carrot-top pesto, pine nuts, ricotta salata, and pure gold… er, a roll of toilet paper. They’ve also got a market-essentials kit with eggs and chicken, and a veggie options with hummus, flatbreads, and gouda cheese.
Cost: $28+

Bar Restaurant

Silver Lake
Silver Lake’s recently-opened (and impossible to Google!) Bar Restaurant is doing a sort of choose-your-own-adventure with their meal boxes, which include two servings of proteins (fish/chicken/steak/tofu) along with other ingredients you can prep as sides (Kabocha squash! Sweet potatoes! Dry pasta!) Added bonus: Some packages come with a bottle of curated wine.
Cost: $60-$225

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