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LA's long had a reputation as a town bereft of good pizza -- and, let's face it, if you're boozily walking down the street at 3a in NY, you've probably had a random slice better than at least half of LA's dough-and-mozz options. That said, in the past few years, the pizza revolution has begun (Viva la Pizza Revolucion!!!), and now we've got some players in the game. Here are the top eight:

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8. Vito's
What you're ordering: The Cheese Pie
It's almost unfair to put an East Coast-style place on this list, since so many have tried and failed. But ex-NYers swear by Vito's, which serves only one size of pie -- a big 'ol 18-incher, as well as slices (duh).
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7. Pitfire Pizza
Multiple locations
What you're ordering: The Sausage Party
This fast-casual mini-chain's become such a stand-by, it's easy to forget that they make pies with the perfect ratio of toppings-to-cheese-to-crust, and their wood-burning oven and totally chill attitude has inspired a slew of equally-awesome establishments, like the rapidly expanding chainlet Stella Rossa.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria
6. Mulberry Street Pizzeria
Multiple locations
What you're ordering: Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza
Ask anyone who grew up in LA to name the pizza that makes them nostalgic for childhood, and they'll drop one of two answers: the XXXXXXL slices at Greco's, which, once you're grown, are only great if you're about 7 sheets to the wind, and the floppy pies from Mulberry Street. Their flaptacular crusts are a bit of an acquired taste, but their toppings are absolutely delicious.
Jeff Miller
5. Pizza Buona
Echo Park
What you're ordering: Tomato, Basil, & Garlic
The pizzeria of choice for bearded Eastside dudes and their impossibly cute Asian girlfriends who wear hats, Buona's been an Echo Park institution for decades, thanks to a crazy-good chewy-and-sweet crust, fresh toppings, and the kind of family-run vibe that makes you wonder when Dad is going to stop being so nice and start telling you to clean your room.

Hollywood Pies Facebook
4. Hollywood Pies
What you're ordering: Deep-Dish Classic Chicago
Though they started as a covert operation run out of an alley, Hollywood Pies has established itself as a 'za heavy-hitter, thanks to what many ex-pats call the only true Chicago-style deep-dish in the city. And heavy-hitter is right: one slice of these multi-layered monstrosities, and you'll have to take a nap.
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3. Tomato Pie
Melrose and Silverlake
What you're ordering: The Grandma
Another New Yorkian mini-chain that seemed like just another pizzeria when it opened a few years ago, Tomato Pie's won over people hand-by-dough-filled-fist with their traditional grandma pie, essentially a thin-crusted margherita that's perfectly, zestily sauced.
800 Degrees Facebook
2. 800 Degrees
What you're ordering: Whatever you damn well please
This fast-service, quick turnaround, conveyor-belt-style pizzeria was super-hyped when it opened for two reasons: being a concept from the dudes behind Umami and an oven that cooks your pie in under 2min. Well, the hype was deserved: the pies here are satisfying, not just because of the perfectly-cooked crusts, but because they're individually-customizable with top-grade ingredients ranging from fresh mozz, to housemade pesto, to squash blossoms.

Pizzeria Mozza Facebook
1. Pizzeria Mozza
What you're ordering: Funghi Misti
You wouldn't be wrong to argue that this spot belonged to Sotto, or Olio, or Gjelina, or Bestia, or any of a number of high-end, ultra-fresh pizzerias and Italian restos that have opened in Mozza's wake. But let's be honest: they were the first to do what many said could never be done -- open a pizzeria in LA that stands among the country's best. They did it. And now we've got a bunch. And for that, we thank them.
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1. Vito's Pizza 846 N LA Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Anyone craving a real New York slice should stop by this authentically Big Apple-style pie joint.

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2. Pitfire Artisan Pizza 801 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

The vibe's casual (place an order at the counter), but the pizza here is top-notch, from the rapini/farm egg/prosciutto Greens, Egg & Ham to the ones you can create yourself using their high-quality ingredients.

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3. Mulberry Street Pizzeria 347 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Serving up classic New York-style pizza for over two decades, this pizzeria was started by an authentic New Yorker (like, grew-up-in-the-Bronx-real) who brought his love of a good, floppy slice to Beverly Hills.

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4. Pizza Buona 2100 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Super-thin crust, light on the toppings, high-quality cheeses, veggies, and sauce: if those make up your ideal pizza trifecta, then Echo Park's Pizza Buona's the spot for you.

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5. Hollywood Pies 6116 1/2 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

You love pizza through thick and thin. Hollywood Pies understands this as they slings fresh pizzas Chi-town deep dish style and now crispy, thin crust from their first brick & mortar in Mid-Wilshire.

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6. Tomato Pie Silverlake 2457 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Started by a Syracuse native traumatized by a harrowing 2-hour Damiano's delivery ordeal, Pie's thin-crust pizzas merge East Coast fundamentals with California jazz hands

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7. 800 Degrees Pizza 1146 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Having mastered the art and science of the Neapolitan pizza, 800 Degrees passes along the opportunity to create your own masterpiece. Order from a pre-made menu, or customize the toppings yourself -- you can even watch at the counter as they dress your pie and feed it to the wood-fired oven. Voila, thin crust perfection ready in a minute flat.

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8. Pizzeria Mozza 641 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Would you be surprised if we were to tell you Mario Batali was involved in this process? Ok, great, we didn't think so. Mozza is a great place to indulge in appetizers, Italian delicacies (in the form of meatballs, carbs, meatballs, carbs... ), and vino.

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