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The Best Pizza Spots in LA

It’s time to retire the “There’s no good pizza in LA” routine. It’s hacky, lazy, and most importantly incorrect: the truth is we’ve got plenty of incredible pies in LA, whether you’re after authentic deep dish, Roman-style thin crust, or something altogether new and exciting. Still don’t believe us? As proof, here’s our list of the most essential spots to get the best slices and pies in town.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


Hollywood outpost of the iconic Eat Pray Love pizzeria
Michele Rubini’s now-infamous pizza has finally landed in LA, and Angelenos finally have the chance to have their own religious experiences with it. The pizzas, for the most part, are simple -- most are variations of red sauce, cheese, and basil, though pies with anchovies and truffles occasionally sneak their way onto the menu. Overall though, the reason people are here (besides to snap a pic for the ‘Gram) is the dough. It’s chewy, pillowy, and overall pretty hard to beat. Hey, if it’s good enough for Julia Roberts, it’s good enough for us.


Culver City

East Coast import famous for wood-fired pies
As far as American pizzerias go, Roberta’s has about as high a pedigree as anything. The infamous Brooklyn import tore up Culver City’s Platform complex during its run as a pop-up, but now it’s pumping out pizzas full-time with its very own brick-and-mortar in the same spot. The menu has expanded to include smaller plates and bites, but above all you’re heading to Roberta’s for the Bee Sting, a spicy & sweet masterpiece featuring sopressata, mozzarella, chili oil, and honey.

Superfine Pizza


Neapoltian pizzas from the Rossoblu team
Though Rossoblu is an undeniable hit, chef Steve Samson clearly wanted a more casual outlet. A crucial part of an ever-expanding section of DTLA’s Fashion District, Superfine is a literal hole in the wall in the same complex as Rossoblu, serving up a ton of fun pizzas in a casual setting that legitimately serves the neighborhood. The Es-Ca-Role with escarole, onion, salt cured-olives, chilies, mozzarella, and smoked provolone is great news for everybody (as is their signature chili oil), but the best news of all? Superfine does slices. They’re more than fine; they’re… well, you get it.

Hail Mary Pizza

Atwater Village

Lively haunt with creative pizzas and small plates
Though David Wilcox had to close the Jonathan Gold-beloved Journeymen, he took one of his strongest skills -- working with dough -- and used it open the doors to Hail Mary Pizza. The pies he’s firing up are things of beauty, topped with things like smoked mozzarella, squash blossoms, and pickled chilies. Just how good is that dough, you ask? Good enough to make his cheese-less marinara pizza one of the best in the city. Pair your pizza with any of the seasonally rotating salads or plates (like those meatballs or those wings). Hail Mary, full of taste.

Cosa Buona

Echo Park

Zach Pollack’s wood-fired pizza temple
At this point, you’ve probably heard somebody mention Cosa Buona. You’ve probably heard somebody talk about the bubbly, blackened edges that make Zach Pollack’s pizzas so picturesque. You’ve probably heard somebody tell you that each bite of a Cosa Buona pizza has that perfect amount of chew that causes the dough to stretch out from your mouth almost as much as the cheese. You’ve probably heard somebody mention the ingredients they’re working with, like smoked scamorza, mustard greens, and maitake mushrooms. But most of all, you’ve probably heard somebody say that Cosa Buona’s pizzas are some of the best in LA. And guess what? You’ve heard right.

Crossroads Kitchen

West Hollywood

Delicious vegan pizzas that even a carnivore would enjoy
Regardless of what you think about Crossroads, it can’t be denied that they are one of West Hollywood’s most defining restaurants. The plant-based hotspot is elevated yet approachable, all while maintaining the white tablecloth vibe of a “nice” restaurant. If you don’t care for fake cheeses, know that you’re not alone -- sometimes they really are the stuff of nightmares. Crossroads, however, wants nothing to do with that; the almond-based ricotta we’re dealing with here really works, and the pizzas are fresh, bright, and undeniably delicious.



Sotto lives on in this Neapolitan pizza haven
Though Daniel & Caitlin Cutler had to close Sotto, the wood-fired pizzas that made their old restaurant so beloved are alive and well. Thanks to Ronan, the already-stacked lineup of restaurants on Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea has gained another valuable addition. If the backbone of Ronan’s menu is fresh, local produce and locally raised proteins, the soul is their strong lineup of wood-fired pizzas. They’re pulling equal weight on both sides of the pizza aisle, so if you’re aching for some white pizzas, Ronan is your spot. The Sweet Cheeks -- with house guanciale, ricotta forté and cacio e “pepe honey” -- is a sweet and savory masterpiece, and an absolute must-order.

Triple Beam Pizza

Highland Park & Echo Park

Pizza-by-weight from the Silverton/Molina team
Add another dynamite pizzeria to Nancy Silverton’s already pizza-ridden resumé. For Triple Beam -- a pay-by-the-weight, rectangular pizza shop in Highland Park -- she’s partnered up with former Mozza team member and current Hippo chef Matt Molina as well as Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement. The result is an ultra-casual, ultra-delicious pizza spot in one of LA’s most exciting dining neighborhoods.

Osteria Cal Mare
Courtesy of Osteria Cal Mare

Osteria Cal Mare

Beverly Grove

Coastal Italian fare from Adam Sobel
Osteria Cal Mare may be on your radar for a variety of things -- the crudos or the zeppole, perhaps -- but for some reason, most people aren’t talking about the pizzas. There are usually five pizzas on offer, and Sobel’s margherita and three-cheese pizzas are undeniably special, but it’s the carbonara pizza that rises up above the rest. Topped with Yukon Gold potatoes, fresh egg, and guanciale, Cal Mare’s carbonara pizza is an undeniable punch of umami that makes navigating the Beverly Center well-worth it. Don’t leave without it.

pitfire pizza
Courtesy of Pitfire Pizza

Pitfire Pizza

Mid Wilshire (& other locations)

Neighborhood chain with draft beer
This fast-casual mini-chain has become such a standby, it's easy to forget that Pitfire makes pies with the perfect ratio of toppings-to-cheese-to-crust, and its wood-burning oven and chill attitude have inspired a slew of almost-equally-awesome establishments. It’s also got great seasonal pies and an impressive beer selection, which means you’re gonna keep going back -- not that that’s a bad thing.

tomato pie
Charles Evans

Tomato Pie

Pasadena & Silver Lake

Thin crust New York pizza with sauce to write home about
This New Yorkian mini-chain seemed like just another pizzeria when it opened, but Tomato Pie's won over people hand-by-dough-filled-fist with its traditional grandma pie, essentially a thin-crusted margherita that's perfectly, zestily sauced. It’s this sauce and crispy, crackly crust that’s won over a legion of expats, many of which claim Tomato Pie is the most authentic NY slice in LA. How’s that for an endorsement?

800 degrees pizza
Courtesy of 800 Degrees

800 Degrees

Westwood (& other locations)

Reliable chain for building custom pies
This fast-service, quick-turnaround, conveyor belt-style pizzeria was hyped heavily when it opened, for two reasons: being a concept from the dudes behind Umami, and an oven that cooks your pie in under two minutes. Well, the hype was deserved: The pies here are satisfying, not just because of the perfectly cooked crusts, but because they're individually customizable with top-grade ingredients ranging from fresh mozz, to house-made pesto, to squash blossoms, all of which can be combined in any combo you choose (or, if you follow 800 Degrees on social media, in an ever-changing $5 pizza of the day). Boom.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

Beverly Hills & Sherman Oaks

No frills, NY-style pies 
Ask anyone who grew up in LA to name the pizza that makes them nostalgic for childhood, and they'll drop one of two answers: the XXXXXXL slices at Greco's (which, once you're grown, are only great if you're about seven sheets to the wind), and the floppy pies from Mulberry Street. Their flaptacular crusts are a bit of an acquired taste, but their toppings are absolutely delicious. The white clam is a classic, and definitely should not be slept on.

Pizzeria Mozza
Courtesy of Kelly Campbell

Pizzeria Mozza

Hancock Park

Lauded spot showcasing Nancy Silverton’s famous pizza
When Nancy Silverton and the now-disgraced king of unwanted cinnamon roll recipes Mario Batali opened this legendary pizzeria, they did what others had deemed impossible: they made LA pizza a talking point of the city. No list of the best pizza in LA would be complete without it, thanks in no small part to the perfectly bubbly, perfectly chewy, perfectly charred crust, and ingredients that pop on your palate, whether they’re clams, squash blossoms, or sausages. There’s a reason Silverton got her own episode of Chef’s Table.

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Eagle Rock

Beloved Jonathan Gold favorite serving family style pies
Pizza culture is definitely divided, with some people loving authentic Italian style pizza, and others loving family-style-garlic-stuffed-checkered-table-cloths style pizza. If you’re of the latter group, Casa Bianca is for you, and its signature thin crust ain’t nothing to mess with. Every topping is right on the money, but the fried eggplant is a must-order. Don’t believe us? What if we told you that J Gold loved it? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

DeSano Pizza Bakery

East Hollywood

Imported ovens and ingredients from Italy
It’s nuts that DeSano isn’t 1,000 times more famous: The large, sit-down pizza shop imports its ingredients straight from Italy, and you can taste it when you bite into any of its masterpieces, like the capricciosa (San Marzano tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto, garlic, scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, and pecorino romano) or the Verdura (broccoli rabe, mushrooms, Vesuvian cherry tomatoes, garlic scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, and pecorino romano). The also-imported gelato is just icing.

All’ Angolo


Strip mall gem with Northern Italian influences
Anybody who has tasted the pasta at this beloved K-Town Italian gem won’t be surprised to hear that the pizza is equally as outstanding. If you’re not too full from the complimentary breadsticks, peruse its large pizza menu, and fear not -- you can’t go wrong. Especially with its Frutti di Mare, with tomato, mozzarella, calamari, shrimp, and clams.

Hollywood Pies


LA’s true king of Chicago-style deep dish
Though it started as a covert operation run out of an alley, Hollywood Pies has established itself as a pizza heavy-hitter, thanks to what many midwesterners call the only true Chicago-style deep-dish in the city. And heavy-hitter is right: if you’re a first-timer, be warned, as deep dish is more like a casserole than a traditional pizza. A delicious, cheesey, saucey casserole filled with baby bella mushrooms, and fresh ricotta. One slice of these multi-layered monstrosities, and you'll have to take a nap.

Bestia Pizza
Sierra Prescott


Arts District

Some of LA’s most acclaimed pizza, in a hip space
Bestia might just be the best restaurant in LA (seriously, it hasn’t left our Eat Seeker list since the list started), and -- once you actually get a reservation -- it’d be a travesty to ignore its insanely tasty artisan pizzas. All of them are great, but you might actually freak out when you taste the Alla’nduja: a perfectly blackened, doughy valley full of San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, black cabbage, fennel pollen, and the house-made spicy ‘nduja (aka a spreadable Calabrian pork salume).

Santino's NY Pizza

Sherman Oaks

Expat-approved NY-style pizza
If you’re gonna call yourself “NY pizza,” you’d better be prepared to back it up, as New Yorkers living in LA will be your most merciless reviewers. Lucky for Santino’s, hordes of ex-pats give it up for the authenticity of these square or round (your choice!) pies, which are something of a local secret... er, were something of a local secret. Sorry.

Stella Barra Pizzeria
Stella Barra

Stella Barra Pizzeria

Hollywood (& Santa Monica)

Must-try mushroom pizza in an open kitchen setting
Every pizzeria does a mushroom pizza, but none of them are slicing up anything like Stella Barra’s: The Shaved Mushroom pie is served with a Parmesan cream sauce, Gruyere, melted onion, truffle oil, rosemary, and parsley. That, plus its Hollywood location, means that when you’re going to a movie at ArcLight, your meal choice has already been made for you. Just save room for the cookies: Stella’s are the best in the city. Period.



Blistered-crust artisanal pizzas
Forget about the notoriously bad service at this Westside standby and just concentrate on the pizzas, because every single one of them will knock your socks off -- and you might even get some other clothes knocked off if you go with the bottarga with jalapeño pizza, a pie laden with tomato confit, asiago, smoked mozzarella, lemon juice, olive oil, arugula, and topped with bottarga (cured fish roe).

Little Dom's
Courtesy of Little Dom's

Little Dom’s

Los Feliz

Trendy neighborhood joint with a great breakfast pizza
If Jon & Vinny’s is too far west for you, and you want breakfast pizza, here’s the less-drivey alternative: the Los Feliz favorite’s morning option is topped with speck, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and of course, a sunny-side-up egg for maximum #yolkporn Instagramming.

Jon & Vinny's


Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo’s Italian-American powerhouse
Pizza doesn’t have to be for lunch and dinner -- at least, not when Jon and Vinny (yeah, the dudes from Animal & Son of a Gun) are in charge. Its breakfast pie is the menu allstar: it’s topped Zuckerman Yukon gold potato, egg, rosemary, olive oil, parmesan and red onion, with a perfectly-runny egg right in the middle of it. The ratios are next-level, and the pizza’s even better if you add Niman Ranch bacon. Obviously.

Prime Pizza
Prime Pizza

Prime Pizza

Burbank, Little Tokyo, and Beverly Hills

Custom slices and pies, plus addictive garlic knots
Though LA’s pizza scene is obviously on point, it’s still sometimes difficult to actually get only a slice. Prime is here to help, doing everything from customizable slices, to full pies, to sandwiches & salads. Whatever you end up with, you’ll want to complement it by getting heavily involved with those garlic knots -- they’re so good, in fact, that it just might be the pizza doing the complementing here.


Valley Glen

Old-school Neapolitan pies in retro ambiance
Whether you’re dealing with the pizza quality or the actual shape of said pizza, no corners are cut at Barone’s, which has been serving up thin-crust, rectangular, Neapolitan-style (their words) pizzas since 1945. A hot Barone’s pie is a sight to behold; crust blistered, steam rising, toppings fighting their way through the surface of the cheese… it’s all just so beautiful. Despite a location change in the middle of its illustrious life, Valley regulars and first-timers alike swear by Barone’s. We’re among them -- it’s some of the best pizza in LA.

Jennifer McCuen


East Hollywood

NY-style pizza with an expansive craft beer selection
We’re not sure when East Hollywood became the new place to be for pizza, but that’s what seems to be happening and we sure aren’t complaining. The portions here are gigantic, the staff are friendly, the vibe is lively, and most importantly, the pizza is always a home run. We know how hard it is for New Yorkers to give the seal of approval, and yep, Gracie's has it.

South End


Specialty pizzas with a wine list to match
This Venice hotspot is a mecca for anybody who appreciates pizza -- even an eastsider will make the trip. South End’s dough is handmade daily, and on it you'll find delicious treats like The Boardwalk (Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, Sottocenere, speck, mushrooms, egg & arugula) or one of our favorites, The Trolleyway (mozzarella, ricotta, sottocenere, fiore sardo, black truffle sea-salt & arugula). Don't shrug the bar program either; you'll find a ton of wines by the glass, along with tasty craft cocktails.



Little Tokyo

Small plates & shareables in a gastropub-ish vibe
Little Tokyo's best not-Asian-food outpost is one of DTLA's gems, serving up small plates, craft cocktails, and a great beer selection. You’re gonna want to focus on the pizzas though, particularly the charred octopus (with caramelized cipollini and radicchio cream sauce), or the Sweet Mary (with chicken breast, strawberries, fontina, smoked bacon, and aged balsamic). If you’re looking to conduct some business with the new pre-fixe bottomless brunch menu ($30 for an entree, side, and bottomless rosé or mimosas), the pizzas count as an entree.

Mohawk Bend

Echo Park

Actually great vegan pizza and a gigantic beer list
“Vegan pizza” might be a turn-off, but we have two things to say to you: 1) there are some non-vegan options, and 2) the vegan stuff’s actually damn good. If you’ve blown off any pizza recommendations from Echo Park’s best spot for craft beer, time to make an adjustment. Add meat if you want, but do us a favor and give the vegan cheese a shot -- we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t even know it’s vegan.

Vito's Pizza
Vito's Pizza

Vito’s Pizza

Beverly Grove

Beloved East Coast-style pizza institution
The LA Times called Vito’s the best cheese slice in town, and we’re not exactly ready to disagree. The pizzas are simple and the ingredient quality shines in each and every piece (the White Pie is a sleeper hit). Though people flock here for the probably-best-in-the-city chicken parm sandwich, Vito’s remains an incredibly reliable, and one of the unfortunately few places in LA where you can even get a slice.

Amy Neunsinger


Brentwood & West Hollywood

Thin crust pizzas from the Daniele Uditi and the Sprinkles team
Does Pizzana even need any more endorsement? The late Jonathan Gold once compared it to the best pizza in the world, and since its smash opening in Brentwood, it’s landed itself a spot on every LA eater’s restaurant bucket list. They’re open in WeHo now, and Pizzana’s thin crust pizzas have quickly become one of the neighborhood’s staple dishes. There are a ton of creative things going on throughout the menu, like the Corbarina (with squash blossoms, burrata, gremolata, and cherry tomatoes), but it’s never a bad idea to throw it back to a classic, and Pizzana’s pepperoni and mushroom -- crunchy, salty, and savory -- is truly a winner.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

El Segundo

Iconic Brooklyn brick oven pizza in the South Bay
You’d be hard-pressed to find fans defending pizza the way Grimaldi fans do it. The brick-oven, thin crust pizzas are expertly proportioned, well sauced and cheesed, and pretty much all the other check marks you need to hit for greatness. The way the cheese, sauce, and toppings spread across the pizza like a beautiful oil spill are undeniably iconic, and any day spent with some friends and Grimaldi’s pie is a day very well-spent. (The chopped salad and cheesecake ain’t too bad, either.)

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