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11 LA Restaurants and Bars Doing 'Pokémon Go' Specials

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There's no question that you're going to stumble into something while playing Pokemon Go, and we're of the firm belief that that something should be a bar or restaurant that'll give you sustenance while you evolve 30 Pidgeys with a Lucky Egg. These are LA's best spots that give you specials for playing the game. (But seriously, put down your phone while walking and stop running into things, trainers.)

terrine | Jesus Banuelos/Courtesy of Terrine


Beverly Grove

Not only does Kris Morningstar’s brasserie have specials like squid ink pasta (because of the Tentacools up in there) and $3 glasses of rosé for PG players, they are also an official Pokémon Gym, which means that once you pass Level 5, you can fight for control of the gym. Don’t you want to tell people that you’re the actual owner of Terrine? Of course you do.

Hilton Universal

Universal City
Hit up the hotel bar near Universal Studios for $12 drink specials based on whatever team you’ve chosen (Valor, Mystic, and Instinct). Or make some friends on each team because -- as the saying goes -- you gotta drink ‘em all!

El Cid

Silver Lake

El Cid is an official gym, so while you’re doing battle with sinister Arboks you can kick it at their special Pokémon weekday happy hour from 4-6pm. El Cid is unleashing a fury of $5 specials during said happy hour, including margaritas, beer & shot deals, tapas specials, and a daily drink special.

Rusty’s Surf Ranch

Santa Monica

This local pier-side fave is chock-full of Pokémon. Rusty’s is also feeling the fire with their “Charizard” drink special, a $5 cocktail of Jack Fire, soda, and a splash of lemon. Props for skipping the urge to use Fireball.

Malibu Wines


Malibu’s best wine mecca is offering players $30 tours around their gigantic property showcasing real-life land, as well as the Pokémon that inhabit it. The hike itself is beautiful, and wine tasting is part of it, because we all know it’s just not as fun to catch an Ekans without a glass of wine in your hand.

Baldoria | White Oak Communications


Little Tokyo

Duke Gervais’ small plates barstaurant has been totally blowing up in Little Tokyo. If you show them you caught a Pikachu in DTLA, they’ll slide ya a free semifreddo (salted caramel or strawberries & vanilla).

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese


There have been some Sandshrews and more roaming around Eric Greenspan’s lauded grilled cheese shop. If you post a photo to social media showing you’ve caught something on their hallowed cheesy grounds, they’ll get you going with a free classic grilled cheese (with the purchase of any sandwich).

Rubies+Diamonds | Caca Santoro/Courtesy of Rubies+Diamonds



If you show them the Pokémon you catch inside this coffee-shop-which-isn’t-a-jewelry-shop, you’ll get 10% off your drink.

Fresh Brothers Pizza

Manhattan Beach & other locations

Catch a Pokémon and tag Fresh Brothers on Instagram at either their Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, or Marina del Rey locations, and you’ll be rewarded with a free order of garlic knots.

Republic of Pie

North Hollywood

Drop one of those sweet, sweet lures in this NoHo pie haven for 15% off a coffee, and free refills.



OK, it’s not a restaurant or a bar (there is a Lemonade there, though), but you can get 50% off museum admission if you show them you’re a Pokémon trainer. Even Ash Ketchum enjoyed museums every now and then, didn’t he? Don’t look it up. He did.

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Wilder Shaw is a regular Thrillist contributor whose favorite Pokémon is Lickitung. Rebuttal on Instagram and Twitter.