The Best Places in LA to Crack Open Tinned Seafood

From restaurants to markets, here are the best spots in LA to enjoy tinned seafood.

tinned fish at saltie girl
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy of Saltie Girl
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy of Saltie Girl

There’s no denying that tinned fish is having its moment in Los Angeles and beyond. Tinned fish first appeared in France in the late 1700s and eventually became a reliable source of protein thanks to its long shelf life and affordable price point. However, it wasn’t until recently that tinned fish started being viewed in a more glamorous light.

While sardines and anchovies are the most commonly canned, nearly any seafood can be sealed in a tin. Octopus, scallops, mackerel, salmon, and more are all available in a tinned-fish form and are most often preserved in silky olive oil. From the opening of Saltie Girl LA to trendy boards on TikTok, people are obsessed with tinned fish's aesthetic, convenience, and European flair.

Though there are many different ways to indulge and enjoy, tinned fish boards are undoubtedly the most popular, and you’re definitely going to want to try one firsthand. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants and markets for tinned fish in LA, so you can hop on the trend and see what all the hype is about.

Saltie Girl, LA
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy of Saltie Girl

West Hollywood
Saltie Girl LA is a Boston transplant that recently opened its doors on Sunset Boulevard. This chic and charming establishment specializes in all things seafood, but its list of tinned fish is undoubtedly the menu's highlight. As you browse through the extensive booklet, you’ll notice a vast selection of tinned seafood ranging from standard sardines to cockles and clams, most of which are from Spain. Your chosen selection of tinned fish is then served with freshly baked bread, whipped butter, spicy peppers, and a trio of salts. Since Saltie Girl has such a huge list, we recommend branching out and trying something new, such as the tender octopus in garlic olive oil or the Surimi baby eel. When it comes to tinned fish, it really doesn’t get better than Saltie Girl.

Silver Lake
Caught a craving for conservas? Bar Moruno is Silver Lake’s premier spot for tinned fish and tapas. The menu features several different conservas to choose from, including Minerva Tuna Belly and more unique offerings, such as a spiced mackerel paté. All tinned fish is served with the classic fixings of bread and butter, plus some house-made pickles that add a zesty finish to every bite. Other notable tapas on the menu include the traditional Pan con Tomate and chorizo Scotch egg.

Kippered LA
Photo courtesy of Kippered

Kippered is the ultimate spot for a tinned fish and wine pairing in Downtown Los Angeles. Snag a barstool or cozy up on the patio for some solid people-watching. The tinned fish options are abundant and diverse, with the sardine selection stealing the show. In addition to the crackers and spicy peppers served with the tinned fish, you can also order some bread and butter for a more filling experience. Caviar service is an option as well if you’re looking for a more lavish seafood spread. And because Kippered specializes in tinned fish and wine, it offers a transportive experience reminiscent of what you’d find in Portugal or Spain.

Propaganda Wine Bar
Photo courtesy of Propaganda Wine Bar

Propaganda Wine Bar serves natural and biodynamic wines along with Italian bites in DTLA’s bustling Art’s District. Despite focusing on Italian cuisine, all of the tinned fish at Propaganda comes from Donostia, Spain. Diners can choose between mussels in an escachebe sauce, clams in brine, mackerel in olive oil, and a few others. Each order is served with guindilla peppers, butter, fresh lemon, and crostinis. The tinned fish prices are also much less expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere, making Propaganda Wine Bar the ideal place to gather with a group over a few bottles of wine and several tins of seafood.

Lady & Larder
Photo courtesy of Lady & Larder

Santa Monica
Lady & Larder is a vibrant cheese shop located on the edge of Santa Monica. This women- and family-owned business sells delectable cheese boards, sandwiches, wines, and condiments from a small yet stunning space on Pico Boulevard. Lady & Larder greatly emphasizes supporting small and local businesses, and their rotating selection of tinned fish changes regularly. That said, the options are always fresh, exciting, and new. Plus, just like everything else in the store, the packaging of each can is sure to follow a colorful aesthetic that will make your tinned fish board TikTok and Instagram-worthy.

 McCall’s Meat & Fish Co.
Photo by Audrey Grewe, courtesy of McCall’s Meat & Fish Co.

Los Feliz & Santa Monica
With two locations in Los Feliz and Santa Monica, McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. is bringing high-quality meats, produce, and imported goods to both East LA and the Westside. The Santa Monica location is a bit smaller but still boasts a mighty selection of gourmet groceries. While McCall’s is known for its fresh and local seafood, the tinned seafood options are equally impressive. From Fishwife Atlantic Salmon to La Brújula stuffed squids, McCall’s carries the highest quality tinned and jarred seafood from the states and abroad.

Marina Del Rey
Enjoy tinned fish and ocean views when dining at Dear Jane’s. This Marina del Rey seafood joint has an elegant appeal and sits right on the water. Though there is only one tinned fish option on the menu, it is well worth ordering. The Charcuterie of the Sea comes with grilled bread and rich cultured butter for a simple yet satisfying tinned fish spread. Order it for the whole table before diving into other refreshing items, such as the tableside Tuna Tartare.

Andrew's Cheese Shop
Photo courtesy of Andrew's Cheese Shop

Santa Monica
In addition to a wide variety of local cheeses and gourmet goodies, Andrew’s Cheese Shop in Santa Monica also has an impressive array of tinned fish. This is an excellent one-stop shop on the Westside for a build-your-own-board night. From fresh-baked baguettes to spiced calamari in a can, Andrew’s Cheese Shop has everything you need for a crowd-pleasing tinned fish board at home. Though some of the tinned fish options rotate regularly, you can also expect to find some La Brújula sardines front and center on the tinned fish table. You can also stock up on some California vino to pair with your board.

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