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Beverly Hills: Now with significantly more Philly cheesesteak potstickers

Carson House, Beverly Hills, CA

Located in the land of swimming pools and unorthodox Girl Scout troop leaders played by Shelley Long, Carson House is a gastropub in the former Porterhouse Bistro space, from a marketing duo who wanted to next-level their booze-and-food game without using a Game Genie. As you may've heard, these are the Philly cheesesteak potstickers, and they're glorious. They've also got crispy crawfish mac & cheese and a slew of flatbreads, like the portobello/ crimini/ maitake "Fun Guy Pie" -- so no, your R.A. from sophomore year will not be enjoying this pizza. If you'd like to continue growing into your elastic waist jeans, they've got a burger topped w/ horseradish cheddar on a pretzel bun and this Parmesan-crusted pork chop, which they're calling the "Shake & Bake", possibly because THAT'S ALL YOUR STEPMOM EVER SERVED IN 1992. Drinkwise, expect a monster craft bottles & draft list, as well as a full bar w/ deliciousness like the Scotch-based Brighton and the vodka/ elderflower/ cucumber "Rodeo", even though it's likely not your first.Photos by Anthony Pino Photo

Pizza at Carson House, Beverly Hills
Shake & Bake at Carson House, Beverly Hills
Drinks at Carson House, Beverly Hills