Your favorite liquid nitrogen-infused dessert

Though the name sounds suspiciously like a trap the witch from "Hansel and Gretel" would set to capture fat kids who enjoy science, Ice Cream Lab is, well, not totally far from that concept, as it is a colorful, graffiti'd-up dessert spot that's trapping fat kids and adults with this hook: all the ice creams are made to order, in just seconds. They're not just blowing smoke (!!) -- the two former real estate dudes figured out a way to make the ice cream even creamier while quick-freezing it, which involves an extra mixer attachment and very, very specific and exact measurements of non-American Gladiator Nitro.They'll let you customize with all sorts of ingredients to create concoctions like this one infused with apple pie filling and crust, or a caramel-/salt-laden number called Salt Lick Crunch. And soon, they'll be expanding to more locations and launching a truck loaded with options like this brownie & chocolate sauce drenched pup, meaning actually avoiding dessert might soon become a science of its own.