A Beer Belly guy's new hidden Beverly Hills gem

The Sirtaj Hotel's p.s. beverly hills is a definitely-not-typical, mostly outdoor fancified American foodery from one of the dudes that propelled Beer Belly from hidden Korean gastropub to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives infamy -- yeah, that Guy!Seriously, the constantly changing menu here's next-level-in-Kid-Icarus-style nuts: this is "Mikey Likes It" fried chicken, with a crust uniquely made from breakfast cereal, something you probably've never tried in your Life.They've also got pan-seared scallops with Brussels sprouts & applewood-smoked bacon, and this hangar steak, in a sauce made of Lagunitas IPA, so when you say you're drinking your lunch, you're not lying. Because you're eating steak, or whatever. Speaking of drinking your lunch, booze is equally creative: they've got the Absolut Peppar/ beet/ agave/ ginger/ Thai basil/ clove "Early Blood" and the pictured-above, bacon-simple-syrup/Scotch/bacon-salt-rimmed "Butcher's Daughter", who may or may not be intimately familiar with Donkey Sauce.