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The Melt
SF's grilled cheese chain, now in Hollywood

Los Angeles

Not just every ice cube's worst nightmare, The Melt's also a super-hi-tech grilled cheese cathedral in the heart of Hollywood, where you can order from your phone on your way, skip the line when you get there, and swipe an individually-issued QR code up front to pay (click here to do it).

The menu's been vetted by uber-chef Michael Mina, with five always-being-served combos pairing grilled cheeses with dippable soups, like this fontina/provolone number on garlic bread served w/ pureed sausage soup.

Bacon's free (!) on anything, including this Egg In A Hole pressed on a proprietary contraption that grills your sandwich in just over a minute using something called "radiant heat", or what Lady was emitting after that steamy spaghetti and meatball scene.

For dessert? More sandwiches! This number's a marshmallow/chocolate s'more.

Drinks-wise, the've got a couple rotating craft beers and PBR, as well as this schmancy ship captain-approved soda machine serving cola that's all-natural and thus probably a Perfect 10.

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