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The 13 best sausage joints in LA

Jeff Miller

We take our sausages very seriously in LA. And no, not that kind (unless you're in the Valley, in which case, actually yeah, definitely that kind). Which places take them the seriously-est, though? And why are we asking you, when we've already got a list of the 13 best below?

Dog Haus (click here for address and info)
Not only does this Pas favorite have one of the best under-the-radar burgers in the entire city, but it also gets creative with its dogs, which include the awesomely named, white cheddar-enhanced Scott Baioli.

Wurstkuche (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
The king of the LA sausage resurgence, Wurstkuche's Downtown location has become something of a city hub, with a great beer garden in back as well as meat rockets full of everything from sweet pork to rattlesnake. Oh, and their Venice location? Also worth a visit.

Carney's (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
That train car on Sunset/Ventura you've probably walked by 1,543 times? It serves amazing burgers, and a shockingly great dog. It's a classic beef guy that has a super-satisfying, ultra-juicy snap to it, and is used as the base for some ridiculous creations, like this pineapple-slaw monster.

Fab Hot Dogs (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
The only thing you need to know about this Reseda/Westwood mini-chain? It serves a New Jersey-style, fried hot dog called the "Ripper". Yep. Fried hot dog.

The Stand (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
The Valley used to have a hold on this sausagefest, but now Century City's in the mix, too. They've all got snap-happy sausages, but only one you absolutely have to get: the Backyard Brat, which's topped with crispy onion rings and a killer cheddar ale sauce.

Slaw Dogs (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
Pasadena's OTHER great dog house has expanded to West Hollywood (and, uh, Duarte?) on the strength of awesome dogs, like the "TNT Super Dog": a 12in Vienna all-beef topped with (deep breath) beer chili, cheddar, bacon, pastrami, fries, and grilled onion... before being wrapped in a giant tortilla and topped with an "optional" fried egg.

Seoul Sausage Co

Seoul Sausage Co. (click here for address and info)
West LA
The dudes who won a season of The Great Food Truck Race and their team have become media darlings, thanks to their Sawtelle sausage spot, which blasts out tubes of serious Korean BBQ flavor. So yeah, it's great.

Wirtshaus (click here for address and info)
You're going to definitely want a beer (served in a boot!) at this German-themed, patio-featuring La Brea sausage hut, which has enormous Bavarian pretzels, steins of beer, and alllllll the German link options.

Berlin Currywurst (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
This mini-chain's slinging pork, veal, chicken, and beef wursts with tons of customizable options, including a rising-heat scale and flavor-toppings like jambalaya and ginger-orange.

Pink's (click here for address and info)
Even haters (and there are some) have to admit it'd be disingenuous to not have Pink's on the list (or maybe they don't have to admit it, and that's what makes them haters?). Either way, their history really speaks for itself, the chili dogs are insanely delicious, and the stand (and the line that's always in front of it) is as iconic as they come.

Jeff Miller

Dog E Style (click here for address and info)
Not just the name of the second-best album Snoop appears on (Chronic 2001 FTW!), Dog E Style has an insane top-it-yourself bar with a nuts number of specialty mustards and homemade relishes, as well as sausage options like a Swiss cheese brat with the cheese goo-ing out of the middle.

Jeff Miller

Currywurst (click here for address and info)
The first thing you need to know about this take-out/dine-in little spot on Fairfax is that it's created a donut hot dog. The second thing you need to know about them is nothing, because you are already in your car on the way to get a donut hot dog.


Cupid's (click here for address and info)
Multiple Locations
Simi Valley, Canoga Park, and Van Nuys' Cupid's are all still run by the same family that launched the concept in 1946, and what a concept it is: chili dogs. Blam. You don't need to order anything else. Nor should you.

Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist LA, and will definitely have some grilled onions on there, thanks. You can hit him at @thrillistla on the Twitter and @jeffmillerla on Instagram.

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