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New App Brings Transaction-Free Dining to Los Angeles

Published On 03/26/2015 Published On 03/26/2015
Jeff Miller/Thrillist

Starting Thursday, you'll no longer have to sit and wait for the check at some of your favorite LA restaurants like Republique, smoke.oil.salt., Cliff's Edge, and several others thanks to the launch of a new restaurant payment app, Cover.

Similar to Uber, the free app, which has previously launched in NYC and San Francisco, takes the transaction out the dining experience. All you have to do is start a table at the restaurant in the app, add anyone else dining with you with a Cover account to the table, and let your server know that you're paying with Cover. Then, when you're done eating, you can just get up and leave ... none of that funny business with credit cards and cash at the table. The app adds the tip and emails you a receipt. Boom! Now you'll have more time to sit in traffic! 

And if you're chowing down with a bunch of friends, Cover splits the bill for each person and will even help a friend out by offering to "float" whatever balance they owe until they download the app and create an account to pay it off. Whatever you owe is charged to the credit card stored on your account, or you can use that fancy new Apple Pay thing. 

Cover launches here with 26 restaurants on board. Here's the full list:

Eagle Rock Brewery Public House
Cliff's Edge
Status Kuo
Ray's and Starck at LACMA (Patina Group)
Kendall's Brasserie and Bar (Patina Group)
Leatherby's Cafe Rouge (Patina Group)
Rosa Mexicano
Porta Via
41 Ocean
Corazón y Miel
Flores and the Ladies' Gunboat Society
Fork in the Road
Venice Whaler
Sonoma Wine Garden
Taste - Pacific Palisades
Taste - Melrose
Tortilla Republic
The Anchor
Little Meats

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