Food & Drink

Fancified sandwiches and more in Culver

LA Spice is not an adult TV station that exclusively shows softcore Ed Begley Jr flicks that take place in Brentwood, but it is a super-casual cafe from the ultra-legit catering company of the same name, now doling out next-level sandwiches and more from a chef who did time with Patina. Don't be a chicken. Because then you wouldn't have the cognitive abilities to read this. Or you'd end up in that bacon-laden Zinfandel coq au vin you see up top. Do eat this pork belly banh mi loaded with pickled veggies and topped with a hoisin peanut spread. And also eat their "Adult Not PB&J", which tosses out the Smucker's for Pinot noir grape jam and the Skippy for pistachio/chia/hemp/flax/cashew/almond nut butter. And because butters stuffed with six different things can make you thirsty, they've got a decent selection of beers like Abita and Allagash, or for the merely softcore: sodas.