LA's 21 best breakfast, lunch, dinner & late-night fried chicken options

Jeff Miller

Because you've totally woken up in the morning and thought, "I could go for some fried chicken right now", and also stumbled out of a party at 1am and thought, "I could go for some fried chicken right now" (and lunch/dinner fried chicken is kind of a given), here's a breakdown of LA's best battered-bird options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night.

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Santa Monica
Sure, Roscoe's does chicken and waffles, but you can't get them smothered in grilled jalapeños/Oaxaca cheese, or goat cheese/honey. At Bru's Wiffle, though, you can. They open at 8am -- three hours earlier than their sister restaurant, Bru's Counter, which's where this chicken and waffle sandwich (!) is from. But you're enterprising. You can fold your own waffle, right?

A Frame

Culver City
Roy Choi's American diner opens at 10am on weekends, which means your Saturday all-you-can-eat-pancake experience can also become your Saturday all-you-can-eat-pancakes-and-let's-add-some-fried-chicken-and-micheladas experience, real quickly.

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This burger-rrific farmer's market favorite has often got this nuts-good brunch on special (so call ahead, yo!). It's malted cinnamon waffles topped with Dante's fried chicken thighs and fruit syrup.

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West Hollywood
We've told you about this magical WeHo spot over and over again, but it's worth a reminder: they stuff fried chicken inside a donut. Yep.


The salty, crispy, thinly battered fried chicken at Pann’s near LAX (available when they open at 7am and all day) is a pretty good reason to agree to pick your friend up from the airport.

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Santa Monica
Let's call this one lunch-ish, since the free-range Mary’s chicken is stupid-good whether you order it with a waffle and chili/maple syrup, or mac & cheese and wood-oven Brussels sprouts.

Facebook/Honey's Kettle

Culver City
The winner of our massive fried chicken-off, the Kettle uses gigantic kettle drums to make perfect, thickly battered, incredibly tender chicken. Also essential: smothering that chicken, a side of biscuits, and hell -- your own hand, in the honey that comes with every order.

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Buttermilk-fried chicken, garlic aioli, cheddar cheese, and creamy coleslaw on a French roll > Anything, maybe ever.

Yelp user Ryan Richie

South LA
Another one of the vote-winners from our survey is served with corn fritters covered in powdered sugar. You can get both for less than $10, as long as you don’t mind ordering through bulletproof windows and eating in your car. Which you don’t.

Yelp user Emily O

Because the only thing better than fried chicken is fried chicken surrounded by collard greens, candied yams, “corn okra tomatoes”, and Mississippi hot tamales, get here now.

Plan Check



Multiple Locations
Plan Check serves its crazy-good fried bird legs with smoked-milk gravy, yam preserves, and spicy, pickled okra, or with duck breast ham, pickles, and spicy green pimento cheese. Decision, decisions, deci -- just get both.

Yelp user Michael R

South LA
One of LA’s oldest soul food eateries is still one of the best. Peppery and crunchy chicken is served with hearty sides like corn bread, rice, gravy, and mac & cheese. So... you probably want to cancel whatever your after-dinner plans were.

Jeff Miller

Sure, Jon and Vinny's legendary chicken sandwich is also available at lunch, but it's way more socially acceptable to stuff your face at dinner. And you're gonna need to wash this sucker down with some mussels. And pork cheek. And lobster rolls. And...

Facebook/Tokyo Fried Chicken Co

Monterey Park
The ginger- and garlic-brined chicken here is flash-fried and served with dashi-braised collard greens and curry creamed corn, family-style. Or just you-style, depending.

Facebook/Lexington Social House

This clubstaurant pulled their fried chicken entree off the menu, but you can still get that signature flavor in the form of fried wings with honey/ginger gastrique. Plus, now you get to round out your meal with a pulled pork quesadilla and hand-cut fries.

Fred 62



Los Feliz
Is this heaven? From 11pm-3am, you can get buttermilk-brined fried chicken between two mini-waffles, with a spice-laced maple aioli and mustard greens. AMEN.

Feed The Monster

No good decisions are made after 2am. Unless you decide to get three orders of fried chicken, grits, and a GIANT slab of corn bread at 3:30am in the morning. In which case... you've made a GREAT decision.


This beloved Ktown wingsery is open 'til 2am on weekends, making it perfect post-bar and pre-attempting-to-keep-your-eyes-open-at-the-after-party grub.

Dough Instagram

West Hollywood
Chicken and waffles on a pizza. ON A PIZZA. Available 'til 2am, Thursday through Saturday.

Alibi Room/Facebook

Culver City
At this tucked-away CC bar, Roy Choi serves his fried wings with Korean chili sauce and house-made ranch until 2am.

Jeff Miller

Multiple Locations
Let's be brutally honest: this is where you were gonna end up all along, anyway.

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