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Get a Free Pizza Just by Talking to Brazilian People


This is not a drill, people.

The pie-slingers at Culver City's Bella Vista Pizzeria have teamed up with Brazil's CNA Language School to create Hello Pizza: a project offering steeply discounted pizzas for phone customers who're willing to help students brush up on their English skills.

Here's how it works: customers call in, and are prompted to either press one to order a pie normally, or press two to place a discounted order through a Brazilian student. If they press two, they're connected with one of CNA's students via a special VOIP app, and place their order while helping the student practice English. The longer the conversation lasts, the greater the discount will be -- up to 100% off. That's a free pizza, in case you weren't sure.

You don't even have to game the system by stalling or using obnoxiously long words to get your free pie, either; as the above video shows, you can chat with CNA's students about whatever you like, from their TV show tastes to their relationship status. The students get practical language experience, and you get a free pizza -- it's win-win!

Bella Vista's currently the only restaurant to offer this service, but any pizzeria in the nation can reach out to CNA and ask to join in. So basically, if you're not in Los Angeles, tell your local pizza place to get in on this action, ASAP.

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and he’s a big proponent of pizza -- free or otherwise. Follow his cheesy diatribes on Twitter @gjaccoma