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All the Amazing Food & Drinks You'll Want to Consume at Desert Trip

Published On 10/06/2016 Published On 10/06/2016
Courtesy of NoMad/Francesco Tonelli
BS Taqueria -Churros, which will feature additional components by Scott Conant and Jamie DeRosa | Courtesy of BS Taqueria
Broken Spanish: Carne asada, Weiser Farms' cabernet onions, fingerling potatoes, salsa quemada | Courtesy of Broken Spanish
Terrine - Charred squid panzanella with piquillo peppers, and saffron potatoes | Courtesy of Terrine
Roberta’s - Bee Sting pizza with mozzarella, spicy sopressata, and honey. | Courtesy of Roberta’s
NoMad - The NoMad Chicken Burger with black truffle and shallots, served with a tomato marinated with peaches, almonds & ricotta | Patrick Michael Chin
Plant Food + Wine - Coconut taco ceviche | Adrian Mueller
Afters Ice Cream - Milky Buns with cookie monster ice cream and cookie crisp | Courtesy of Afters Ice Cream
Mallow Mallow - Gourmet s’mores | Courtesy of Mallow Mallow