Fresh noodles your way

Droppin' broth like it's hot ('cause it is) at the mall in Little Tokyo, Tsurumaru Udon's a thoroughly legit Japanese-import noodleria serving big bowls of those slippery, delicious pups assembly-line style. You'll start at the top of the line, where, after you choose a size you don't feel awkward about, they'll load your bowl with these freshly cooked hot or cold noodles. Base options include a soupy niku udon topped with Japanese-style stewed beef, and this grated ginger-/radish-topped bukkake udon. Yep. That's what it's called. No jokes here. You're not done! Unless you are done. But just know you can also add bonus items, like pickled plum, or these made-to-order shrimp tempura. Still hungry, because you ordered the small bowl of noodles so you didn't feel awkward? Well then pad your diet with side options, like these rice balls stuffed with salmon or seaweed.