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5 new LA happy hours (pretzel grilled cheese is involved)

Los Angeles Even though this is a short week, it's not like you're going to say "no" to an after-work drink. Or food. Especially if it's a pretzel grilled cheese. Or a $6 Moscow Mule. OR A PRETZEL GRILLED CHEESE. So here're five brand-spanking-new happy hours all over LA that'll have you covered.

Cafe Rockenwagner: The namesake chef's been referred to as "The Pretzel King" of LA, so it's no surprise his casual restaurant's new "Pretzel Hour" is so glorious: $5 for pretzel pizza (!), pretzel grilled cheese (!!), and pretzel dogs (!!!) from 5-7pm, Tues-Sat. Continue Reading

The Must: This re-opened Downtown wine bar's busting out specials (from 4-7pm on weekdays and 3-7pm on weekends), like mac 'n cheese with crumbled Goldfish crackers, on top and a slew of discounted vino (... without crumbled Goldfish crackers on top).

Paiche: The Food & Wine-lauded chef here is giving you deals from 2:30-6pm on cheese-stuffed yucca beignets and rock shrimp tempura (both for for less than $10), as well the just-released (!) What's Kracken -- a monstrous, must-get punch drink.

TavernTop Chef Masters competitor Suzanne Goin's Brentwood bistro has now got a special menu from 3-7pm every goddamn day in the "Blue Room", with price slashings on everything from fried oysters with buttermilk aioli ($10) to $4 Scrimshaw pilsners.

Next Door Lounge: This sorta-secret bar on Highland's got happy hour from 5-8pm, with the most expensive item just $8 (a Corpse Reviver). The rest is in the $5-$6 range and includes pork sliders, a meatball sandwich, and super-strong classic cocktails like a $6 Moscow Mule.