The ultimate Los Angeles food fest calendar

LA is home to many, many months of many, many, MANY outdoor food festivals, which is all the more reason to have a calendar that maps out all the ones happening between now and December. Now, where do you think we could find one of those... ?

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The food: Ecuadorian (think potatoes w/ roasted pig and fish ceviche)
The entertainment: Ecuadorian musical groups, a raffle (winner gets two plane tickets to Ecuador!), and folklore customs
What else: F-R-E-E admission, and the 16th annual parade (celebrating Ecuador’s Independence Day) starting at 11am


The food: Ramen, duh (with noodlers from LA, SF, Vegas, and Japan helping you get your slurp on)
The entertainment: DJs with silly names like Icy Ice and DJ Koki playing all weekend long
What else: The World Gyoza Eating Championship. Yep... that's happening.

The food: Three hours devoted to the American staple and its essential sides (with bites from top spots like Eggslut and Superba Food & Bread)
The entertainment: A DJ, 'natch, and (OMFG!!!!) a balloon artist
What else: Homie festival planner Josh Lurie at Food GPS has literally thought of everything. For when you're sick of fried chicken, they've got cupcakes from Sprinkles and ice cream from McConnell's.

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The food: With eats from celebrity chefs that include Mozza’s Nancy Silverton and Top Chef’s Marcel Vigneron, this three-day event is comprised of mini-events like a Hinoki & the Bird lunch and a cooking demonstration by Iron Chef Morimoto
The entertainment: They haven't announced music yet, but performers in the past have included Questlove and Train
What else: Each night's got an invite-only after-party that gets wild. Last year's included live mermaids (seriously).

The food: 72hrs of good, old-fashioned BBQ, with a highly anticipated rib cook-off. It may not be in LA proper, but it’s worth the day trip.
The entertainment: Traditional country music from the Grand Junction band on Friday, and a little blues for your soul on Sunday
What else: Cantinas serving beer and wine, plus... line dancing? You're damn right line dancing.

The food: TBA -- guests are asked to dress in white (Diddy-style) and bring food and beverages for themselves and others. Think of it like a potluck... but with sexy strangers.
The entertainment: Mingling (some may call it networking) with fellow Angelenos
What else: Get your Maps app ready -- the location of the pop-up is revealed the day of the event

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The food: Apparently the most “authentically LA” event of the season, The Taste 2014 will feature fare from popular LA restaurants like Mud Hen Tavern, Eveleigh, and The Church Key
The entertainment: Knife skills and culinary demos from LA’s crème de la crème at most events, plus -- 'cause he can't self-promote enough -- Thrillist Editor Jeff Miller's Black Crystal Wolf Kids will play the opening party on Friday
What else: Never been on the lot? Here’s your chance; the festival takes place at Paramount Pictures Studios.

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The food: This Asian-themed fest is taking over Santa Anita Park after spending time earlier this Summer in Orange County and Downtown, with bites of ramen, skewers, and gyoza
The entertainment: Over 200 attractions, including crafts and games, along with a dance floor and DJ
What else: Bobasaurus, the largest cup of boba tea, will be on display. Hopefully someone doesn't accidentally drink it (WIIIIIIIINK).

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The food: For $20, you can get a full-on lobster lunch. Plus, there are other vendors doling out chowders, fried lobster, and more.
The entertainment: This is as much a music fest as it is a food fest, with something-for-everyone bands including '80s-rockers Berlin, metal-mariachi mash-uppers Metalachi, and indie-doo-wop updaters The Damselles & TC4
What else: There's a pirate camp. With a pirate show. Yes. Pirates.

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The food: This fest is all about cheesy Italian food: pizza, stromboli, more pizza, more stromboli...
The entertainment: There's always a slew of Italian-American singers, dancers, and more, plus -- usually -- Jimmy Kimmel. But everything's still up in the air right now.
What else: Carnival rides and games, mostly for kids. Or big kids.

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The food: Pizza, pasta, and more from a crapload of great carb-ateurs, including Deluca Trattoria and Naples Ristorante y Pizzeria
The entertainment: Live opera... if that's your thing
What else: Admission comes with drink tickets. For the opera.


The food: Still TBA, but last year, chefs from Short Order and Beachwood BBQ blasted the red rooster goodness down attendees throats 
The entertainment: Also TBA, but likely a DJ and more
What else: Craft beer, cocktails, and the guy who wrote the book on Sriracha signing autographs


The food: Just as the weather starts to cool down (or not, whatevs), spend the day Downtown sampling two traditional Mexican stews: menudo (beef tripe and hominy stew soup) and pozole (chicken, pork, chili peppers, and hominy stew soup)
The entertainment: Live music TBA
What else: A beer & wine garden, and a Thanksgiving-timed giveaway of 100 free turkeys

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The food: Multi-national tamales from Mexico, Nicaragua, South America, and more
The entertainment: Cultural crafts and cultural festival games. Cultural.
What else: Beer & wine garden and TBA live entertainment

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