Why yes, you CAN go to an all-day Sriracha Festival

Because (obviously) the dude who runs the blog Food GPS has teamed with the dude who wrote The Sriracha Cookbook, on October 27th, the first-annual LA Sriracha Festival is happening. It's a DJ-backed ode to the only cock-sauce that's socially acceptable to keep in your pantry, which is inarguably the greatest hot sauce on the planet. So what does the $49 admission get you? Glad you asked

Food: A schload of LA's best restos are doling out spicy treats, with must-haves including Guerilla Tacos (a tortilla stuffed w/ honey dates, cauliflower, and cashew-Sriracha chile negro), Short Order (a toast piece w/ smoked albacore, tumeric, garlic, Meyer lemon, tomato jam, and lacto-fermented Sriracha), and the above-pictured Beachwood BBQ braised-and-glazed Sriracha rib, of which you're unlikely to be left with spares. Get it? GET IT?

Drink: Because you're obviously going to need something to wash down all that heat, they've got top bar-dudes Josh Goldman and Matt Biancaniello making... spice-spiked mixed drinks (well there goes that idea), including a concoction of mezcal, tequila, passion fruit, and homemade Sriracha. They've even managed to spice the non-alcoholic offerings with spiced-up ginger ale. And if you absolutely must give your taste buds a break, there'll also be brews from Eagle Rock, Beachwood, and Firestone Walker

Dessert: Yeah, like they weren't gonna go there: super-lauded ice creamery Scoops has made a Rooster Sauce scoop. But they neglected to pair it with a Tums scoop, so you're on your own there.