Handmade udon in Little Tokyo

Unsurprisingly right in the heart of our tiny little version of Tokyo, Monzo is a dimly lit udon spot with a sorta-showmanship twist: an open kitchen with a dude making the noodles right in front of you, all day, every day. Unless he's on break, or tired, or whatever. Dough's made from Japanese wheat and flour, and all the broths are also house-made, which leads to both traditional stuff like the pictured-up-top duck udon...... and sort-of-out-there insanity like this thick miso carbonara udon, which's so rich, Sumner Redstone actually feels comfortable eating it. They've also got this egg-topped cold udon, w/ an add-it-yourself sauce.If you don't like noodles, you're strange, but might instead opt for this smokey pork belly don, obviously so named because it's boss.