Dr Pepper pulled pork sandwiches, now downtown

Directly across the street from Ramen Row in Little Tokyo, The Sandwich Smith's a lunch-only, dark-wood-outfitted, er, sandwich smithery, with a choose-your-own-lunch-adventure-style menu process that'll create sandwiches so unique, they're probably already admitted to an exclusive artsy nursery school.Start out by filling out one of these bad boys, where you'll choose everything from dressing (garlic aioli, chimichurri...), to toppings (um, how about something called "bacon coleslaw"?), to protein (lamb shoulder/ prime angus, etc.). Said choices will help to create your own masterpiece of fatness, like this buttermilk fried chicken guy on a doughnut bun (!), which isn't nearly as glazed as your eyes are right now.Or this walnut-cranberry bread number slathered w/ goat cheese and topped with Dr Pepper-braised pulled pork. They've also got a dessert rack featuring the likes of this s'more brownie, and even a PB&J between two cookies, certainly better than what you brought to your not-particularly-exclusive-or-artsy nursery school.