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LA's 11 best burritos of all time

Published On 12/15/2014 Published On 12/15/2014
Manuel's El Tepeyac

Manuel's Original El Tepeyac Café

Boyle Heights
What you're getting: Hollenbeck de Machaca
An Eastside institution since 1955, El Tepeyac has been slinging smothered burritos the size of newborns since before you were the size of a newborn. Manuel may be handing out tequila shots at the Great Burrito in the Sky now, but the modestly-sized 2.5lb Hollenbeck de Machaca still delivers: a griddled tortilla loaded with tender shredded beef, cheddar, eggs, jalapeños, rice, beans, and guac, all smothered in deep red ranchera sauce.



What you're getting: Carnitas burrito
Wait, KOSHER DELICIOUS CARNITAS? How does that work? Oh it's a Top Chef dude doing short rib that's braised for more than 18 hours in duck fat? Yep, that'll do it.

La Azteca Tortilleria

East LA
What you're getting: Chile Relleno with asada burrito
You know when you see the tortillas being made by hand in front of you that your burrito dreams are about to come true. Order the famed Chile Relleno-stuffed burrito loaded with charred and tender asada at this classic outpost. Then order another one. Then think about never eating again.

El Chato

El Chato Taco Truck

Mid-Wilshire/Miracle Mile
What you're getting: Al pastor burrito
You’ve probably seen the massive line as you’ve cruised past on Olympic or La Brea late at night and wondered if the wait could even be worthwhile. Well, it is. The tacos are legit, but a burrito loaded with freshly sliced al pastor and pineapple is the kind of thing that turns good late nights into great ones.

Al & Bea’s Mexican Food

Boyle Heights
What you're getting: Bean and cheese burrito with green chile
Everything you've heard is true, assuming you've heard that this pillow of burrito's awesomeness contains the revered blend of refried beans, melty cheese, and green chile salsa. It's simple. And it's delicious.



Los Feliz
What you're getting: Cochinita pibil burrito
While the tacos deservedly get lots of attention at this family-run stand, you can maximize your enjoyment by burrito-sizing that goodness. The machaca is fantastic, but the cochinita pibil burrito -- Yucatan-style, slow-roasted pork with citrusy achiote -- reigns supreme.

Cha Cha Chili

Cha Cha Chili

El Sereno
What you're getting: Kalbi burrito
Roi Choi may be the man best known for his Mexi-Korean mash-ups, but this former food truck outpost can also hold its own when dishing up the crazy-good Kalbi short rib ‘rito love.

Esquela Taqueria

Escuela Taqueria

What you're getting: Green chile burrito
Branching out from their Beverly Blvd location, Escuela is now also serving up their much-loved (and responsibly raised!) Mexi-Cali plates in Pasadena. Thankfully their burrito with braised pork shoulder, refried beans, and green chile made the trip too.


Gilbert’s El Indio Restaurant

Santa Monica
What you're getting: Fernando’s Burrito
This cash-only Santa Monica stalwart goes heavy on the kitsch, strong on the ‘ritas, and wonderfully sloppy on the salsa and cheese that covers their chile relleno- and bean-stuffed burrito.
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