The beloved taco joint's given new life... about 100ft from where it died

Henry's Tacos is a 50-plus-year-old "gringo" taco eatery that once was housed in a roadside stand created via a form of architecture known as "googie", but is now in a patio-abetted window just across the street from its original location, which you can find via the form of searching known as "Google"

Recipes remain the same and follow the age-old tenets of Mexican food: various combinations of beef, starch, lettuce, beans, and cheese, like this super-crispy hard taco..

... this ultra-runny burrito..

... and this "taco burger", which slams all the ingredients between two buns

The above, though, is the reason for the stand's cult of fans: its house-made hot sauce, which comes in tiny 1oz containers. The recipe's been a secret in the family that's owned the business for years, though in the move, they sold it to a longtime employee, Omar, who you can safely bet will Wire it in.