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Where to Order Grocery Delivery in LA

Unique global ingredients delivered to your door.

With social distancing guidelines remaining in place for much of California for the foreseeable future, people are finding all sorts of new and creative ways to grocery shop without ever setting foot in a store. The good news is that LA’s plethora of multicultural grocers are well-represented on the delivery circuit, along with local health-conscious favorites and speciality shops, too, many of which have expanded their selection to meet demand. 

Local heavy hitters like Gelson’s, Vons/Albertsons, and Whole Foods are all offering delivery as well, but if you’re trying to avoid the traditional supermarket route, check out this sampling of some of the city’s other delivery grocery options. No matter where you order from, just remember to be patient as stores grapple with shifting their business models, request doorstep drop-off to minimize contact, and tip as graciously as possible during this time.

Super King

Glassell Park, Glendale, Altadena, Van Nuys, Claremont, etc— see website for more locations
This local Armenian-owned chain is well-known among budget shoppers for its incredible prices and international selection, which includes everything from hard-to-find produce like fresh green almonds and Persian cucumbers, a sprawling imported meat and cheese section, and a huge array of oils, vinegars, and condiments at near-wholesale prices. Don’t miss out on the deep and varied spice selection, Armenian baked goods, and dried fruits and nuts, either. Delivery is available via Instacart from all locations. With its cut-rate rates, Super King is also a good place to stock up on wine, beer, and liquor, too. 

Delivery area: Varies based on store location but widespread through Instacart; minimum order $35.


Koreatown, Torrance, Arcadia,  etc— see website for more locations
This well-known Korean supermarket chain is the place to load up on affordable cuts of meat prepared Asian-style (think pre-marinated beef bulgogi and thinly sliced pork belly), vegetables such as fresh sesame leaves and baby bok choy, and dry goods like rice and tea. It’s also a great place for imported candies and snacks (like virtually every flavor of Hi-Chew and Pocky), as well as household goods and cleaning supplies. Plus, what other grocer is selling nubbly-bottomed massage slippers for $8? 

Delivery area: Varies based on store location but widespread through Instacart; minimum order $35.

Northgate Market

Slauson, Culver City, La Habra, Inglewood, Hawthorne, etc— see website for more locations
Northgate Market was once described as the “Disneyland of Mexican grocery stores,” and this family-run supermarket chain lives up to the hype. Specialties include fresh tortillas, salsas, and tamales all made in-house, as well as unique cuts of meat (think ranchera cut-beef and chicharrones) and seafood (like ceviche made to-order). Of course, there’s produce and dried and fresh chiles galore, plus cheeses and fresh-baked breads, and a good selection of Mexican cooking equipment like tortilla presses and molcajetes, too. Delivery is available via Shipt, and most stores are offering curbside pickup. 

Delivery area:Shipt is a subscription service that ranges from $8-14/month, with a delivery range within many LA zip codes and delivery and service fees of $8-15.


Beverly, Santa Monica, Venice, Calabasas, Palisades 
This upscale natural foods market— cultishly adored by those willing to pay a premium for mushroom-enhanced chai latte mix and macadamia nut-milk cheese— is offering grocery delivery through Instacart, as well as prepared foods via Postmates and UberEats. A full roster of organic fruits and vegetables are available, along with sustainably-sourced seafood, meat, and dairy (plus an abundance of non-dairy alternatives), and lots of rich hippie-esque pantry and dry goods (think kelp noodles and quinoa tortilla chips). The chain is still offering its beloved fresh cold-pressed juices, eco-friendly beauty and home cleaning supplies, and prepared items from the in-house cafe and “tonic bar.” 

Delivery area: Groceries through Instacart: Brentwood, Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood; minimum order $35. Cafe and Tonic Bar through Uber Eats; prices and locations vary.


La Brea, West Hollywood, San Vicente, Culver City, Burbank, Eagle Rock, etc— see website for more locations
If you’re looking for a wide selection of natural and organic groceries, minus the Erewhon prices (and the Whole Foods/Amazon kerfuffle), turn instead to this healthyish mid-sized supermarket chain with several locations around LA. In addition to a wide assortment of fresh, usually organic produce, grass-fed meat and sustainable seafood, they’re known for bulk items (with good prices on things like dried fruit, nuts, and grains), virtuous frozen food (cauliflower crust pizza, gluten and dairy-free ice cream), and vitamins and supplements. Beyond that, Sprouts also has prepared foods like wraps, salads, and rotisserie chicken— and wine! — available through Instacart.

Delivery area: Varies based on store location but widespread through Instacart; minimum order $35. 

The Original Farmers Market

Third & Fairfax
Several of the vendors at LA’s historic open-air marketplace, in operation since 1934, are offering delivery via Mercato. There’s meat a plenty, from Huntington Meats (beef and pork, deli meats, jerky, sausages, and more) and Farmers Market Poultry (chicken and duck, as well as speciality meats like poussin and quail); produce from Farm Boy and and Farm Fresh Produce; fancy pickles from Kaylin & Hobbs; gourmet goods and fresh seafood from Monsieur Marcel (think fresh pasta, high-quality olive oil, imported cheeses); and French-style breads from Michelina Artisan Boulanger, among others. Bonus: not technically groceries, but you can also order rolls and poke bowls from Sushi A Go Go as part of the delivery. 

Delivery area: Check out their site for various delivery options within 20 miles from many LA zip codes. Delivery order minimum at The Original Farmers Market is $1.

Standing's Butchery

Jered Standing’s speciality butcher shop is known for only selling ethically-sourced, sustainably raised meat and poultry; now available for delivery through Mercato or curbside pickup. Look for grass-fed ground beef, heritage boneless pork chops, and pastured whole chickens, as well as breakfast sausage and pre-formed meatballs. Since LA’s stay-at-home orders went into effect last month, the butcher shop has also expanded its pantry and dairy items with a variety of high-end additions, including Bianco DiNapoli canned tomatoes, Iberico ham-flavored potato chips, and highly coveted Rancho Gordo beans, as well as fancy cheeses and yogurt. 

Delivery area:Mercato is a subscription service that ranges from $8-19/month (they are currently offering a two-week free trial), with a delivery range of up to 10 miles from many LA zip codes. Delivery order minimum at Standing’s is $10. 

Rick’s Produce Market

East Hollywood
This pint-sized farmstand has also partnered with Mercato, selling items from its own farm in San Diego County, including avocados, citrus fruits, leafy greens, eggs, herbs, and more. In addition to carrying their own stock, Rick’s has also partnered with several other local producers to carry items such as fresh bread from Homeboy Bakery, La Princesita Tortilleria tortillas and chips, fair-trade coffee beans, olive oil, and more. They also whip up fresh-squeezed juices and ready-made salsas and guacamole as well. On weekends, local Greek outfit Mimaw’s Kitchen pops up in the space, selling hummus and pita; and pre-packed produce boxes are also available for delivery or contactless pickup. 

Delivery area: Mercato is a subscription service that ranges from $8-19/month (they are currently offering a two-week free trial), with a delivery range of up to 10 miles from many LA zip codes. Delivery order minimum at Rick’s is $20. 

Namaste Spiceland

Thousand Oaks and Pasadena
Both locations of Namaste are known as hybrid Indian grocery stores/restaurants, and they’re offering delivery of both groceries and prepared foods. You’ll have to call the stores to place an order for grocery items as they’re not listed online yet (they’re working on it), but the friendly staff can help walk you through the selection and get you what you need. This is a good place to stock up on frozen breads like chapatis, parathas, and naan, South Asian produce like fresh coconuts and bitter melon, pulses and grains, and, of course, spices galore, including pre-made curry and masala mixes. Don’t forget to order some of the rainbow-hued Indian mithai (desserts), many made in-house, to sweeten the deal.

Delivery area: No limits within LA County

99 Ranch Market

Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Van Nuys, Gardena, etc— see website for more locations
A Taiwanese-owned chain, 99 Ranch Market has a few locations throughout the San Gabriel Valley. It’s a great place for fresh fruits and vegetables (including less-common items like fresh lotus root, gailan, and winter melon), meats and seafood, and pantry staples like noodles, dried grains and beans, and instant ramen bowls. They also have a wide array of frozen dumplings and buns, soy-based drinks, and Asian condiments and spices that keep well and add flavor to everything (hello, chili crisp). Delivery is available via Shipt across much of the SGV and beyond. 

Delivery area:  Shipt is a subscription service that ranges from $8-14/month, with a delivery range within many LA zip codes and delivery and service fees of $8-15.

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