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Magical Spaghetti & Meatball Sandwiches Have Landed in LA

Published On 04/08/2015 Published On 04/08/2015

So, it looks like LA's The Carving Board has gone full-nutso: the three-store chain is doing spaghetti & meatball sandwiches WITH THE ACTUAL SPAGHETTI AS THE BUN!?!?! It's as epic as it sounds, and for proof you just have to look at the video above by Soy Nguyen. They're grilling the pasta a la a ramen burger, and stuffing it with beautiful marinara-drenched balls, because, duh, why didn't someone think of this before? Even if you're not a master chef, this buttery, cheesy, meaty, sandwich is real easy to make and will take your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime. Just watch! 

(H/T EaterLA)

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Jeff Miller is the LA Editor of Thrillist and hates knowing one of these is gonna make him fatter. Hit him at @JeffMillerLA on Instagram or @ThrillistLA on Twitter.



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