Santa Monica's best pizza, now available at the ArcLight

Stella Barra, Los Angeles

Stella Rossa serves some of the best pizza in Santa Monica. And now its sibling, Stella Barra, is slinging some of the best artisanal pizza and more in Hollywood. Coincidence?!?!! Well, no, because they're both from the same -- anyway, on to the pictures! 'Zas are all done on bubbly dough with top-notch ingredients, w/ specialty pies including a spring onion and smoked bacon number w/ aged Provolone & Gruyere, and a tomato/Parmesan guy w/ Hobbs pepperoni, though luckily you don't have to be Calvin to see it. These are lardo-included meatballs, but they've also got sandwiches on house-made bread, and, in the morning, breakfast burritos stuffed with Provolone & sausage.Since you're probably about to spend 2+ hours in a boozeless theater, you'll be extra-thankful for their full bar, w/ drinks like the Bulleit/vermouth/Luxardo/bitters "Doctors Orders", and this whiskey-laden "SOB Cowboy".

Pizza at Stella Barra, Los Angeles
Meatballs at Stella Barra, Los Angeles
A cocktail at Stella Barra, Los Angeles