Crazy, ever-changing eats from the LudoBites guy and the Animal dudes

The inside of Trois Mec, Los Angeles

Located in literally the least-likely place ever -- no, not San Diego, but in a mini-mall behind an old Raffallo's pizza sign in a nondescript, super-intimate room with opaque windows -- Trois Mec's a nutso restaurant with an always-changing menu from a crazy-lauded team that includes the award-winning chefs behind LudoBites and Animal. This time, they're doing a unique ticketing/reservation system wherein you purchase your five-course dinner in advance for about $100 (including tax & tip), with reservations dropping once every two weeks or so

Once inside, you're essentially in the chef's kitchen, with eight bar seats and about 20 at tables, all in decent proximity to the stovetops. First, they'll hit you with "snacks" (buckwheat popcorn, tandoori chicken wings, etc.), before dropping creative veggie courses like this white-and-green asparagus w/ egg yolk & yuzu...

... and barbecue carrots with avocado and watercress

And, like the title of Daniel Day-Lewis's new project about the guy behind Outback Steakhouse, there will be meat, and it will range from sesame/mustard-glazed grilled chicken to this extra-moist rib cap in shallot broth served with a black walnut clover spelt.

To top it all off, they've also got an ultra-curated French wine list, nightly specials, and a $45 optional pairing with dinner, so you can create your own film, tentatively titled There Will Be Several Late Night Calls To My Ex.

Asparagus at Trois Mec, Los Angeles
Carrots at Trois Mec, Los Angeles
Rib Cap at Trois Mec, Los Angeles
Wine at Trois Mec, Los Angeles