Doni Burger
Bulgogi-topped burgers at Korea's version of In-N-Out

Los Angeles

If you're heading to The Wiltern and you want to be cool and respected and popular, hit up Doni Burger, a Korean fast-food chain that's finally made its way to LA, and is known for hand-pressed patties and ingredients so ultra-fresh, they should be hanging out in one of those skate stores on Fairfax.

Jeff Miller
This beautiful monster's their trademark, the Doni Burger, which's got got both beef and bulgogi piled up on the fresh-baked potato bun.
Jeff Miller
Coming in second: this deep-fried pork tonkotsu burger, gloriously breaded.
Jeff Miller
The bulgogi burger takes away that pesky patty and goes straight to the shredded beef...
Jeff Miller
... while the straightforward cheeseburger is... well... a straightforward cheeseburger.
Jeff Miller
But this Doni Jr... it's got all the veggies, kickin' pickles, and a Korean-style steak sauce to make it messy, juicy, and extra-delicious.
Jeff Miller
Extra credit: fries topped with nacho cheese. Oh yeah.
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1. Doni Burger 621 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Korea's version of In-N-Out makes its debut in LA's Koreatown, serving up the likes of bulgogi-topped burgers.

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