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You need this to kick off your day

Even if you suffer from whatever it was that dude in Memento had, listen to us now: the Best Day of Your Life involves a super sweet itinerary of all the sweet things you're going to do on the longest day of the year. And, to kick it all off, you're definitely going to want an AM hit of caffeine from whoever serves the best java in town. "So who will be it serving me said java?" you ask, because you're that dude in Memento, and you've already forgotten if we've told you. Well, you decide, by voting for your favorite in the comments below. Put "A" in the comments to vote for Intelligentsia CoffeeSip whole-bean brews with the hipsters.Put "B" in the comments to vote for Handsome Coffee RoastersCome here for world-class espresso and stylish digs.Put "C" in the comments to vote for LAMILLEnjoy a thorough approach to coffee (and good food) in a modern-meets-Old-World space.Put "D" in the comments to vote for Espresso CieloEuro style and tasty pastries are what Cielo's all about.