Tacos & cervezas near the airport

Because "quatro" would only make you think of disposable razorblades, Cinco's a Westchester Oaxacan-style taqueria, with common tables in an industrial space that makes it seem more gastropub and less "dudes in matching sombreros playing accordion-based narcocorrido"

Take a gander at this bar: behind it, they're pouring thirty taps separated into four categories (light, hoppy, Belgian "yeasty", and dark "malty"), as well as shelling out cans of Old Chub, though you'll get the new kind when you look at the food menu, with entrees like pork ribs in garlic salsa..

... as well as these tacos on handmade tortillas, which come with your choice of al pastor, asada, chicken, or carnitas. Oh, and if you don't want any of that because you're slimming down for a new JCPenney print ad, just get the ceviche w/ shrimp, avocado, and red snapper.

And since beer doesn't cure all that ails you, they've got the hard stuff too, like this rum/ falernum/ lime "Corn N Oil" which apparently was developed by Keith Richards, perhaps because drinking too many of them gets you rolled out like a stone.