Los Angeles, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

LA BDOYL Los Angeles

In one week, all your dreams will come true. No, not the ones about boogie-boarding with Daenerys Targaryen and Fernando Valenzuela. But the other ones about spending Friday, June 21st -- aka the Best Day of your Life -- out with Thrillist.

Follow our itinerary below on that date, and people will literally start giving you things, like gratis coffee at Sycamore Kitchen and free booze on Rush Street's roof. So 1) download the itinerary, 2) prepare your best "I have what that monkey had in Outbreak" voice to get the day off, 3) check out all the social action here, and 4) get ready to wish the 21st would Dragon like a Mother

5:24 am: Rise with the sun and be immediately non-hungover or tired, because, hey, it's the best day of your life. Go with it. Zero Dark 30: Head to the beach and rent a surfboard for $10 from one of the seaside stands. Go in, shoot all the guys that are being dicks your best "I'm gonna kill this" look, and then quote Blue Crush and kill it. Wait, actually: PLEASE DON'T QUOTE BLUE CRUSH. Asscrack of Dawn: Once you've, um, ridden the barrels or whatever, take a shower, get all that salt off your body, and realize your best friend from high school somehow managed to get his iced green tea scheme on Good Day LA. Nice! Early Morning:We’re giving away free java at Intelligentsia, if you get there early. If it's packed there, LAMILL is another fresh-starter super-close by. Closer to Downtown? Then hit up Handsome Coffee, our Readers Choice. Make it a double -- you gotta wake up, son! Breakfast: Now cruise over to Sycamore Kitchen and hit either the pork belly hash or the scrambled egg and chorizo sandwich -- damn, hit 'em both. You deserve it. We'll even be there getting the first 20 people through the door some breakfast goodness. But if there's not enough room on that patio? Lulu's has stellar, custom-stuffed fruit pancakes. Done. Find yourself in Hollywood? Hit up our Readers’ pick, Square One. Late AM: Keep going West on 3rd til you make it to the Farmer's Market. Stretch out while reading the LA Times, start to finish, while eating one of the cinnamon rolls from Bob's Donuts. You can even start with the Entertainment section. No one will judge you, because it's your m-fing day. 11:30 am: Take a walk to LACMA and finally see Levitated Mass, aka the giant rock, aka that thing you've always said you were going to do. Take a hilarious and original Facebook photo holding it up. Then Instagram it. Then Twitpic it. Then Friendster Testimonial it. Noonish: Now that everyone on social media thinks you're really, really strong, walk up the street to the Odd Future store. If he's there, challenge Tyler, The Creator to a rap battle. Win. Too many people stuffed in there? Across the street's the Supreme store: buy yourself a hat and just claim that Tyler gave it to you. Congrats: you won again. Lunchtime: Circle back East to Ike in Hollywood and get the smoked salmon right away. Let it sit. Savor it. Too crowded there? Katsuya down the street'll hit you with a baked crab hand roll instead. Yeah, the Valley original's better, but who's got time to get to the Valley

Post-Lunch: Head South a couple of miles and finally hit that indoor/outdoor golf range -- Aroma Wilshire Center -- in Koreatown you've been putting off going to for forever. Smoke your driver 300yds straight down the middle of the range and yell out something about letting big dogs eat. DO NOT QUOTE BLUE CRUSH HERE EITHER. Shop Til You Drop… a Bunch Of Cash: You're going West, again, but this time it's for a reason: hit Robertson, making sure to stop into Moods of Norway, where they'll ply you with booze and very, very brightly-colored pants. If you can't understand their accents, take a walk over to Newsroom and get yourself a beer, which you'll enjoy while laughing at whatever ridiculous reality show star is being followed around by cameras right outside Kitson

Drink O'clock: Ditch your car where the meters run out at 5pm, because you're taking an Uber to the Cinema Bar in Culver City, where the drinks are poured heavy but the stool can definitely support you. Can't fit in there? Backstage's right around there, too, and their pours are equally heavy. Happy Hour: Keep it going at Rush Street. Hope that some also-drinky lovely lady decides it's time to try that upstairs pole. Enjoy. If it’s packed, Ford’s Filling Station is very, very close. Can’t get out of Hollywood? Dominate our Readers’ pick, Big Wangs. Dinner Bell: You want to be on the beach as the sun goes down, so hit up One Pico at Shutters for some seared scallops. Can't get in? Across the street's Catch at Casa Del Mar -- and they've got scallops, too. 8:31 pm: Early-nightcap it around the corner at The Bungalow with some fresh-fruited cocktail concoction, or, in a pinch, do the same thing poolside at the Shangri-la. If you’re still in damn Hollywood, hit up Readers’ Choice winner Cat & Fiddle. Toast to your brilliant day with a pithy saying that's DEFINITELY, TOTALLY NOT FROM BLUE CRUSH. You earned it.