A 70+ dish, mostly Peruvian menu from the Mo-Chica guy

From the Food & Wine Best New Chef behind Mo-Chica and Picca, Paiche is both a massive Amazonian fish (seriously, it's giant) and a wood-laden, open kitchen'd Marina del Rey restaurant with a massive menu of... small plates

Seriously, the menu is Dikembe Mutombo-long, with 70+ items heavily inspired by cuisine from the chef's homeland of Peru (with some Japanese accents thrown in), including seafood dishes both raw (this ceviche-style mixed sashimi)..

... and cooked (these fish chicharron w/ lime yuzu sauce)

There're also lots of options made from things that lead successful lives on dry land, including this lamb, which's gonna go into tacos w/ jalapeno & quinoa salsas, and a pisco-basted grilled quail.

And so you don't get jealous of that quail basted in booze, wash it down with one of their many cocktail specialties like this pisco/ lime/ ginger/ clove syrup "Chilcano de Clovos", or the mezcal-based "Peruvian on Fire".