Pizzas, beer, and sliders in the Valley

On The Thirty is no longer just where the ball is when you decide you want Tecmo Bo Jackson to run for a 70yd touchdown, as it's also the new gastropub/ sports bar/ cafe conveniently located in La Reina, right in the heart of that low place between mountains. The food's all upscale standards, with an emphasis on pizzas: dough's fermented for 16hrs to give it a certain tang, which you can experience in specialties like this earthy number with wild mushrooms and "black truffle mist", also the working title of the perfume Louis Anderson is developing with Cool Water. You better believe they have sliders. Mostly because you've just seen a picture of them. Not pictured, but still worth believing: a turkey sandwich w/ fig-pepper jelly, which, frankly, people don't think you're ready for. They've also got 30 mostly-Cali-crafts, including Eel River Blonde and Arrogant Bastard, aka what Bo was in that one Tecmo Bowl game vs Tampa Bay where he ran for 32,378yds.