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Churro ice cream sandwiches, and 9 other amazing churro dishes in LA

Tiffany Tse

Pop quiz: are churros insanely delicious? The short answer: yes. The long answer: yesssssssss. Weirdly though, despite being fried cinnamon dough sticks, they aren't as ubiquitous as other, far-inferior Mexican desserts (we're looking at you, flan).

So that's why we decided to round up 10 amazing churro creations around LA, starting with America's first-ever churro ice cream sandwich.

Churro Bourough

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Churro Borough (info)
Various Locations
This pop-up operation's been getting a ton of attention for its churro ice cream sandwiches, which you can get at this weekend's LA Street Food Festival, or this Summer at semi-regular pop-ups (definitely consult its Facebook). Why should you get one? Because, well, it's a sandwich made of flattened churro discs bookending ice cream flavors like Mexican chocolate and black sesame.

Tiffany Tse

Churro Waffle

Seasalt Fish Grill (address and info)
Ignore the name of the place (or don't -- the fish tacos here are incredible, actually) and focus all of your stomach attention on these mouth-watering mini-waffle churros, which aren't always on the written menu, but are always on the "politely ask the waitress if they can make you some" menu.

Semi Sweet Bakery

Churro Crullants

Semi Sweet Bakery (address and info)
Because you were wondering what would happen if a Cronut and a churro had sex and waited nine months, this is basically it: SSB's melt-in-your-mouth churro crullants are a baked version of the Cronut glazed in vanilla icing, and tossed in a thick cinnamon-sugar mix.

Petty Cash

Cheesy Churros

Petty Cash Taqueria (address and info)
If, for some twisted reason, you don't like sugary treats, check out LA's best savory churro at this Mid-City Mexican spot. They're each almost a foot long, fried to a crisp, covered in cheese, and served with a corn molé dip.

Plan Check

Cruller Donut

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar (address and info)
Plan Check's cinnamon-sugar-dusted treats are basically dense, chewy churros masquerading as crullers served piping-hot on a pile of whipped cream with banana slices. Like all churros should be.

Starry Kitchen

Pandan Churro

Starry Kitchen (address and info)
The Hulk of the churro world, these guys're made with pandan extract -- an Asian plant with a sweet, slightly nutty banana flavor that also turns them green -- and're then slathered in Indonesian coconut kaya cream.

Churros Calientes

Churro Grande

Churros Calientes (address and info)
This churro-specific spot 1) exists, and 2) makes a super-sized version of the fried doughy goodness, which's stuffed with cream cheese then drizzled with guava syrup and dulce de leche sauce. Oh, and they've also got super-strong Cuban coffee and hot cocoa. 

Barton G

Churro Crate

Barton G. (address and info)
West Hollywood
This new, over-the-top, Miami-import delivers a virtual crate of churros that're rolled in sugar and spice (Szechuan pepper, star anise, cloves & cinnamon) to your table, teamed with spicy hot chocolate. These fried fritters pack some serious heat.

Tiffany Tse


The Flyin' Jalapeño (address and info)
Surfers and skateboarders come to this newish spot by the boardwalk for breakfast burritos, and so far, the churros have flown largely under-the-radar. Made with pâte à choux (a fancy name for "light-as-air pastry dough"), they've got a fluffy, French toast consistency and soft, custardy insides.



A-Frame (address and info)
Culver City
The dessert at this Roy Choi venue is appropriately dubbed Chu-Don't-Know-Mang -- because you have absolutely no idea what you're missing until you bite into these crunchy, cinnamon-crusted pound cake churros plunged in malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream.

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Tiffany Tse is a freelance writer for Thrillist and has yet to wake up from her churro-induced coma. Find her on Twitter at @twinksy or Instagram, also at @twinksy.