The formerly delivery-only Chicago pizzeria expands its menu and gives you a place to sit

The interior of Hollywood Pies, Los Angeles

Thankfully not the name of a new strip club, Hollywood Pies is actually the first brick & mortar location of the cult-favorite Chicago-style pizzeria, which has expanded its menu, and -- bonus! -- you no longer need to pick up your 'za in a back alley.The whole thing is in a tiny shop, with a tiny menu to match, but they've added thin-crust to their deep-dish faves -- the recipe for the crust on this majestic red-onion-and-pepperoni number took seven months to perfect. They've also added pork-and-beef meatballs, based on a family-secret recipe, which's better than a Family Circle recipe, because NO ONE LIKES CASSEROLES, OKAY, MOM?!? They've even got a record player in the corner for maximum legit-ness (though the owner admits to using an iPod occasionally), with a throwback soundtrack that includes The Smiths and The Cure, which is probably what you were promised the first time you stopped into a back alley, too.

Pizza at Hollywood Pies, Los Angeles
Meatballs at Hollywood Pies, Los angeles
The turntable at Hollywood Pies, Los Angeles