These nachos have PIG EARS on them?

No, this is not just the name of a cover band that exclusively covers Tom and Johnny. But Petty Cash is an upscale taqueria in the old Playa space from part of the team behind lauded restaurant Church & State.

Pig ear nachos at Petty Cash

That team includes the chef, who's making grown-man Mexican food, assuming grown men like these fried-pig-ear nachos topped with a runny egg. (NOTE: They do.)

And also this "deep fried quesadilla" stuffed w/ prawns and topped w/ cabbage and roasted tomato sauce.

Taco at Petty Cash LA

They've got not-literally a ton of tacos, like this Al Pastor option and an octopus/chili/peanut number they're calling "The Kraken", though hopefully you'll be able to contain its inevitable release.

Nacho Libre at Petty Cash LA

And, to wash everything down, a Rivera/Picca alum's got alcohol covered with a Scotch-based on-draft "Fly By Night" and the above "Nacho Libre", packed with Pisco, egg white, and Creole bitters.