Glorious amounts of Asian cuisine (and groceries!)

If you're always like, "My one dream in life is to be able to eat delicious Asian cuisine at an adorable cafe, then shop for hard-to-find groceries from around the world in that same space, then ride off on a pony with a bedazzled saddle", Pingtung is the place where 66% of your dreams can come true. Sitting right on Melrose, the low-key Asian cafe/grocery store comes from a lauded NYC restaurateur and features an all-star line up of Eastern specialities in both the eatery and on the shelves. The Food: Like Rivers Cuomo's girlfriends, selections range from all over Asia, including traditional Vietnamese banh mi, tonkotsu ramen from Japan, and a strong-to-very-strong dim sum selection, including these chicken shumai.The Store: Condiments and accoutrements that the owner loves from around the globe mean everything from Taiwanese pancake mix, to Chinese shrimp chips, to, um, Frank's Red Hot? The Everything Else: They've got Kirin and three other beers on draft, a diverse sake selection, and a massive/ unusual loose-leaf tea program, with 16+ varieties served in the multiple-steeping, kinda-like-French-press-but-Taiwanese fashion they call "gongfu".