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Hey LA: NYC's Milk Bar Is Finally Almost Here.

Published On 11/29/2016 Published On 11/29/2016
Milk Bar, Los Angeles
Milk Bar

If it seems like everyone you know from NY is finally wising up and realizing that LA is the place to be, then this will be unsurprising news: According to Eater LA, Milk Bar -- the beloved Christina Tosi-helmed dessert eatery in the Big Apple -- is coming to LA, like, soon.

You don't need to start counting your calories just yet: They're just looking for a location right now with reps confirming that they are, in fact, in the process of scouting locations. So pad your stomach lining with those pastries from Republique for now -- but keep an eye out, as Tosi's infamous soft-serve is coming to you... soonish.

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Jeff Miller is really more of a savory guy, but he definitely will have a bite. Or two. Or three. He's on Instagram at @jeffmillerla.



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