RIP: 11 shuttered LA bars and restaurants that we'll miss

If Thrillist were an awards show, this article would be the slow-motion montage of people who died this year, except instead of Paul Walker and that guy from Glee, we're doing 11 awesome LA bars and restaurants that closed in 2013. RIP, indeed.

Street LA

We'll miss pretty much all of the deliciously worldly street-food from Top Chef Masters contestant Susan Feniger. We won't, however, miss Feniger, who's still in the same spot that's now operating as American-style gastropub Mud Hen Tavern.

San Gabriel Valley
We'll miss the fact that you were an epically huge San Gabriel Valley Tiki bar with on-fire punch bowls and a ginormous fish that ate carrots. Yes, it was real. And now it's gone. Sorry.

Santa Monica
We'll miss the fact that we threw a Bikini Beer Pong Tournament inside you. Also: where will UCLA students watch sports now? Q's? Yeah, actually, probably Q's. And Cabo Cantina.

Eating pizza that tastes like cardboard and wondering if you're supporting some sort of back-channel Italian mob scheme at 453a? That'll never happen again.

Chego! LA

Yes, we understand that it's now open in a mini-mall Downtown. But where do you expect us to eat before getting Scoops now? We'll miss being able to confidently answer that question.

Go Burger
Weirdly, we'll miss your spiked milkshakes... not your burgers.

West Hollywood
We'll miss the groups of single women you attracted, where one of them was crying into her martini and the rest of them were telling her that he was a loser, anyway.

The Parish lA

The Parish
We don't care that you were located on a hidden corner of Downtown with literally no parking whatsoever. We'll still miss you.

Empress Pavilion
We'll miss eating Sunday dim sum brunch inside you, especially when we could pick whatever table we wanted because you were only one-fourth full.

El Conquistador
Silver Lake
We'll miss your Mexican TGIFriday's interior, your giant blended margaritas, and what happened when we combined the two.

Umami's Original Location
We'll try to miss you, but then remember that there're, like, two baguintillion more of you opening next year.