A former World War II bunker, now a burger HQ

The exterior of Pono Burger, Santa Monica

Pono Burger's a ground-beef palace from a lauded Hawaiian chef, housed in a location with an unexpected history... meaning: no, that thing you're looking at isn't a grow-house. Find out more by clicking on the image and starting up the glorious slideshow...

Pono Burger, Santa Monica

... the dining room for Pono Burger, the first LA ground beefery from a Hawaiian who made a name for herself burgering on the Islands.

This WWII-era bunker's a historical landmark, but now it's hiding something far more awesome than your grandparents cowering in terror:...

A burger at Pono Burger, Santa Monica

The menu's super-simple: 1/3-pound, handmade patties slathered with next-level toppings like cheeses from Andrew's Cheese Shop (one-year-old cheddar/Mycella blue/etc.), Niman Ranch bacon, fresh avo, and sauteed mushrooms...

A burger at Pono Burger, Santa Monica

... as well as rotating chef's specials, like the Mona Burger (w/ balsamic/organic strawberry compote) and the truffled-up Posh Burger, which you'll Gingerly admit isn't very Spicy... er... Sporty? Girl power!

Sweet potato fries at Pono burger, Santa Monica

Sides're simple but delicious -- hand-cut pomme frites, as well as these sweet potato guys served with bacon/chipotle aioli.

Drinks at Pono Burger, Santa Monica

Drinks-wise, they keep the pigginess coming with a caramel sauce/bacon-bit milkshake (!) and a small selection of craft beers and wines, which, if over-imbibed, could definitely lead to your own D-day.