This Is the Lobster Ramen Burrito You Wish You Had in College

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We all remember those college days dreaming about a fancy lobster dinner on the coast while, in reality, heating up a 29-cent package of sodium-heavy but good-for-the-soul instant ramen. Hopefully we’ve moved on from those days, but if you find yourself feeling nostalgic, Huntington Beach’s Slapfish is bringing you the best of both worlds with its lobster ramen burrito.

Originally opening it as a food truck in 2011, chef/owner Andrew Gruel started Slapfish with the “mission to get people to eat more seafood.” And eat more seafood they did, as Snapfish has grown into a successful chain across the country and as far as the United Kingdom, drawing fans into Gruel’s idea of creating a “whimsical, kind of sexy take on seafood.”

Enter: the lobster ramen burrito, the sexiest and most whimsical item on this modern seafood shack's menu. Chefs start by tossing fresh ramen noodles in a homemade mixture of chipotle sauce, lettuce, sautéed spinach, pickled onions, carrots, and lobster clam chowder, before searing fresh shrimp and tender, chopped Maine lobster. The burrito becomes, well, a burrito once the ramen, shrimp, and lobster are piled on a tortilla, topped with fried eggs, and then rolled tight to keep the goods all in.  

Visitors looking for something less whimsical can bank on Slapfish’s signature menu, with items like a giant, two-handed fish taco, a clobster grilled cheese (half crab, half lobster), and chowder fries: a pile of fresh-cut fries drenched in clam chowder and bacon.

Watch the video above to realize why you need to check out this elevated version of your old college staple food.

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Tanner Saunders is a writer at Thrillist who buys ramen in bulk.