Could These New LA Burgers Be 'Best in the City' Contenders?

Jeff Miller/Thrilist
Jeff Miller/Thrilist

Los Angeles Admit it: you were just thinking about where you should go for a burger today. You weren't? How 'bout now? See! Well, here's your answer: these 12 spots are doing new burgers that are primed to shake up the Best Burgers in LA hierarchy. Today's lunch seems like a prime time to start tasting for yourself which should be the new (cheese-covered) king.

Scotch egg burger

Ledlow (address and info) Downtown It's an off-the-menu secret special, but we can't imagine it stays secret for all that long considering the burger at Josef Centeno's American spot is an egg-stuffed ground beef patty that's deep-fried and popped between a bun with fixin's. Does it have runny yoke? Yes it does. Does it have crunchy, fried meat? Yes it does. Are you driving there right now? Yes you are. More Stuff You Will Like

Courtesy of Patina Restaurant Group

The Steakhouse Burger

Nick and Stef's Steakhouse (address and info)   Downtown The just-reopened DTLA steakhouse now does this massive burger, which has Black Angus beef, smoked ketchup, Tillamook cheddar, iceberg lettuce, a beefsteak tomato slice, and grilled red onions. It's available as a full-sizer at the table and mini-sliders at the bar.

Free range bison burger

Maia (address and info)   West Hollywood This new Sunset Strip eatery is doing its bison burger with havarti, caramelized onions, and an over-easy egg on brioche, all served alongside truffle fries. Fancy! Continue Reading

Jeff Miller/Thrillist

The Carnivore Burger

Belcampo 3rd St (address and info)   Mid-Wilshire The newest location of this SF-based mini-chain has a bunch of new burger options, but the Carnivore is by far the most interesting; it's made with a blend of off-cuts, including heart. And don't worry, if you're not as adventurous/suck at life, it's got more traditional burgs, too.

Sausalito Burger

Sausal (address and info)   El Segundo This burger is topped with pepper jack, crushed avocado, cilantro-onion relish, and bacon-infused Thousand Island dressing. BACON-INFUSED THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING.

Courtesy of Chomp Eatery


Chomp Eatery (address and info)   Santa Monica Say what?? Yeah. This is fried chicken between cinnamon crumb donuts with a pumpkin aioli with cheese and fixin's. What makes it a burger? Damned if we know, but it's right there in the name, so, yeah.

Courtesy of Artisan House

Bacon Farm House Burger

Artisan House (address and info)   Downtown This standby casual restaurant/bar/market has a new chef, which means a new burger: it's loaded with smoked applewood bacon, jalapeño onion marmalade, a fried egg, herb remoulade, and American cheese.

Prime Cheddar Burger

Everson Royce Bar (address and info)   Downtown There's a former Mozza chef working the grill at this DTLA gastropub, so its burger game is simple, but on point: prime chuck, cheddar, and aioli on a bun from the bakers that make them for In-N-Out.

Courtesy of Hopdoddy Burger Bar

K-Town Belly Burger

Hopdoddy Burger Bar (address and info)   Playa Vista/El Segundo The beloved Texas burger chain has recently landed in LA, and you really can do no wrong with, like, anything on the menu, but this grass-fed beef baby is topped with braised pork belly, kimchi, gochujang, Korean rice crispies, mayo, and basil leaves -- if you can turn that down, you're stronger than we are.

Barrel Burger

Barrel and Ashes (address and info)   Studio City The Valley's most beloved new-ish BBQ joint's lunchtime burger (topped with caramelized onion, bacon, and Swiss) is now on the dinner menu -- but ONLY ON MONDAYS DURING FOOTBALL, so even if you don't like sports, it's an excuse to head over there in the evening.

Courtesy of Manhattan House

House Burger

Manhattan House (address and info) Manhattan Beach They're not fucking around when they say they use local ingredients on this burger: the arugula is grown on the same block and it tops the custom prime blend, which's also loaded with aged Vermont cheddar.


Obica Mozzarella Bar (address and info) Century City Not just what Carrie yelled during sex with that dude from Swingers, the O'Burger is Obica's new claim to burger fame, with grass fed beef on brioche loaded with provolone, crunchy speck, heirloom tomato, and salad leaves. Sign up here for our daily LA email and be the first to get all the food/drink/fun Los Angeles has to offer.Jeff Miller is disappointed this list doesn't yet include Shake Shack, because he wants to prove once and for all that In-N-Out is better. Argue with him and lose at @jeffmillerla on Instagram and @ThrillistLA on Twitter.