The best frozen treats in LA, from avocado popsicles to "Drunk Girl Scouts"

Michelada pop for dipping in beer

The weather outside is weather, and soon that weather is going to be hotter than Daenerys Targaryen not burning up despite being naked and surrounded by fire. So we decided to find the best frozen things in all the land (er, LA), so you can cool off when those hot days start Dragon. The Michelada Popsicle at Diablo Taco3129 W Sunset; Silver Lake; 323.666.4666Sure, the idea of an “Urban Taco Fabricator” definitely belongs in the land of semi-ironic moustaches and fedoras. But this Urban Taco Fabricator also makes these spicy, intense, Michelada popsicles, which're meant to be dipped and melted gloriously into the beer of your choice -- or eaten on their own -- so all is forgiven. Except the fedoras.

Drunk Girl Scout at Short Order LA

The Drunk Girl Scout at Short Order
6333 W 3rd St; Mid-Wilshire; 323.761.7970
The high-end Farmer's Market burger spot's signature mikshake cocktail is this number, which both tastes like and is enhanced by Thin Mints, as well as a generous helping of crème de menthe and branca menta.

Sweet Avocado Popsicle at Octopops

The Sweet Avocado Popsicle at Octopops
Various Locations
This roving popsicle-maker's got a shton of interesting, rotating flavors (pineapple/chile/lime, horchata, etc.), but, for pure local-ness, hit the sweet avocado pop, which is creamy and sweet and might just be worth melting all over your taco.

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Diddy Riese LA
Photo via PetroleumJelliffe's Flickr

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Ave; Westwood; 310.208.0448
The best thing about Diddy Riese's ice cream sandwiches? Going there is like a "Choose Your Own Adventure", but with no page 46 that ends in you dying by falling off a cliff chasing after the wizard who stole your brother -- essentially, you choose which kind of home-made cookies you want (pro tip: never get two of the same), what ice cream you want stuffed inside (pralines and cream FTW), and, bam, perfect dessert. The second best thing about Diddy Riese? The whole thing's $1.75.

Herbal Snow at Mashti Malone LA

Herbal Snow at Mashti Malone's
1525 N La Brea Ave; Hollywood; 323.874.6168
This La Brea institution's been there longer than you've been alive (maybe... unless you're, like, kinda old), and is still killing it with oddball flavors like rosewater/ginger and a saffron number with pistachios. The Herbal Snow, however, is the go-to: it's almost like a boba ice cream, except, instead of weird balls of gunk, there's actual basil seeds inside, and, instead of ice cream, it's an icy, refreshing, 14-different-kinds-of-herbs... snow. So yeah, get that.