Where to Eat Every Part of the Pig in Los Angeles

Do you like pork belly? Yeah, you do. Do you like tenderloin? Uh-huh. Do you like bacon? Yesssssss. Do you notice a trend???? Whoa, dude. You totally love all things pig. Which means you're totally TOTALLY gonna love this: the ultimate guide to eating pig in LA, complete with where to get the best dish made with every cut of pork.

Slater's 50/50


Slater’s 50/50 (address and info)
Multiple locations
What you’re getting: The B’ B’ B’ Burger
Slater’s 50/50 takes the bacon-wrapped-crown with the B' B' B' Burger: a half-bacon/half-beef patty, bacon (obvi), bacon American cheese, sunny side-up bacon egg, and Bacon Island dressing. With bacon ketchup. Yes, seriously.

Fat back

Chi Spacca (address and info)
What you're getting: Lardo mantecato
Yo, this is essentially whipped pork butter served with amazing bread. Yo.

Salt's Cure

Pork chop 

Salt’s Cure (address and info)
West Hollywood
What you’re getting: Pork chop
This WeHo outfit sources sustainably and butchers its own piggly-wigglies, so when that grilled, thick-cut, bone-in, sweet-onion-jus-laced chop hits your plate, it’s been treated with the utmost care. And it tastes that way, too.


Philips Bar-B-Que (address and info)
Leimert Park
What you’re getting: Pork ribs
You already know that you’re getting the rib tips and sausages at this legendary Leimert Park BBQ joint. Now you know you’re getting the oak-smoked ribs, too.

Pork belly

Saint Martha (address and info)
What you’re getting: Braised pork belly
This Abita amber beer-braised pork belly with black garlic porridge and “almost 5 minute” egg stands, uh, bellies above tons of other pork belly preparations in town.

Love & Salt

Whole head

Love & Salt (address and info)
Manhattan Beach
What you’re getting: Roasted glazed pig head
We get it, choosing your favorite part of the pig’s head is tough. Fortunately, at this MB date spot you can order the whole damn thing, roasted and glazed with maple-vinegar-pale-ale, and served with toast and condiments.



Sotto (address and info)
West LA
What you’re getting: Guanciale pizza
This is nothing like that Hawaiian pizza you insist on ordering from Big Mama’s & Papa’s for some dumb reason: this is some next-level pizza, and you need to get on this level -- with house-cured pork cheek, ricotta, scallions, and fennel pollen, this is part of the reason this underground spot made our list of the best Italian restaurants in LA.



Belly & Snout (address and info)
What you’re getting: Sisig hot dog
It’s pretty clear what this new Filipino joint in K-town has in store for you. The sisig hot dog is topped with a blend of -- you guessed it -- pork snout and belly, fried and chopped, and topped with chicharrón (porky bonus!). Be brave. It’s worth it.


Terrine (address and info)
What you’re getting: Choucroute Garnie
Not surprisingly (given the name), this new joint on Beverly really delivers on its swine-friendly charcuterie spread, including a house-made pork head cheese. Don’t miss the crunchy-tender combo of sous vide and flash-fried pork jowls.

Petty Cash LA


Petty Cash Taqueria (address and info)
What you’re getting: Pig ear nachos
Pig ears may just be the new kale of food trends (fingers crossed!) with everyone from Animal to The Church Key to Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails dishing up awesome versions. But it’s pretty hard to say no to these epic, crispy, nacho-fied ones, especially when they’re topped with a runny egg. Tip: don’t say no.

Collar and neck

Cadet (address and info)
Santa Monica
What you’re getting: Wood-grilled pork collar with pork toro and loin
This killer new modern/rustic French spot in SM is where you’re totally going to impress your date. And also where you’re totally going to order a wood-grilled pork collar, pork toro (aka the neck), and milk-braised loin.


Night + Market Song (address and info)
Silver Lake
What you’re getting: Fatty pork shoulder
Lauded Chef Kris Yenbamroong's fatty pork shoulder is drowned in condensed milk & fresh turmeric overnight and then grilled to perfection -- and if you're feeling ultra-swine-y, add to your order with their Luu Suk pork blood soup.

Faith & Flower


Faith & Flower (address and info)
What you’re getting: Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin
This Downtown food & cocktail mecca is pretty much on point at all times. So, it’s no surprise that the bacon-wrapped (!) pork tenderloin delivers big.


Bar Pintxo (address and info)
Santa Monica
What you’re getting: Jamón ibérico "bellota"
Considered by many to be the holy grail of ham, the bellota version of this Spanish favorite is cured for 36 months, and that’s only after the pig that it belonged to leisurely feasted on acorns in a field. If they have a leg in house (it sells out fast), several slices will likely be all that you need (and can afford).

Little Sister

Pork shanks

Little Sister (address and info)
Manhattan Beach
What you’re getting: Caramelized pork shanks
Combining Euro styles and Southeast Asian spices, this MB staple turns out some serious shanks -- all of which are caramelized, red vinegar glazed, and peanut-scallion topped with a persimmon side.


Rustic Canyon (address and info)
Santa Monica
What you’re getting: Fried pork trotter
Forget about that jar of pickled pigs feet you’re now picturing in your mind. Now picture a fried puck of pork served with fresh citrus and fennel atop a mincemeat Dijonnaise. Yes... that's better.

Danny Jensen


Stir Market (address and info)
What you’re getting: Crispy pig tails
The new Jet Tila-helmed marketplace/restaurant's pig tail is crisp, chewy, and accented by fennel pollen, lemon zest, and herbs.


Cliff’s Edge (address and info)
What you’re getting: Chicharrón
This crackly crunch skin comes alongside pork belly, both topped with sumac, Aleppo pepper, jalapeño, and avocado.



Hong Kong Fish Ball House (address and info)
Rowland Heights
What you’re getting: Ummm... fried pork rectum
You've made it this far, might as well go all the way to the, uh, end. Yum?

Heart, tongue, kidney, and more!

Las Morelianas (address and info)
What you’re getting: Carnitas surtida taco
When you’re looking for all that inside-porcine-goodness that you can’t find elsewhere, head to this Grand Central Market stalwart for the works. Traditionally from Michoacán, Mexico, the surtida is a crazy, flavor-packed pork party of heart, tongue, kidney, liver, neck, skin, leg, snout, ears, and feet.


Whole pig

Eveleigh (address and info)
West Hollywood
What you’re getting: The whole enchilada (a pig though, not an actual enchilada)
When you’re looking to go, ahem, whole hog, reserve ahead of time, get some friends together, and go nuts on an entire in-house-butchered Beeler’s Duroc hog that’s served with maple brandy baked Sierra apples, horseradish, house mustard, and fresh garden herbs.

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