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This Secret LA Deli Serves Massive Sandwiches

Behind a door labeled "Employees Only" in LA’s Tinfoil: Liquor and Grocery lies a secret speakeasy, but instead of cocktails inspired by Prohibition, this Highland Park spot specializes in deli sandwiches.

Ask the cashier the “secret” question -- “Do you sell birthday candles?” -- and you’ll be granted access to a back room where the floor is covered with over 60,000 nickels. More important than the nickels, though, is the full-service deli that churns out a selection of sandwiches made with house-cured meats. The subs are sold in three loaf sizes: 6in, 12in, and a whopping 24in.

Choose from any of the classics, like the roasted turkey sandwich that comes stuffed with bacon, white Cheddar, and chipotle aioli; or the ham sandwich that’s elevated with a smear of Brie butter and a sprinkling of pickles. If you’re in the mood for something warm, test out the corned beef topped with Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. All the sandwiches are served on sub rolls and then wrapped in tinfoil, hence the name of the place. There’s even a recommended beer to pair with each sandwich, so you can wash down your lunch with something boozy.

Tinfoil: Liquor and Grocery is open late, meaning you can stop by after a night out to feast on a behemoth of a sub, and grab another bottle from the liquor store up front on your way out.

To find out more about this hidden deli, check out the video above.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist with an affinity for hidden restaurants. Follow her on Instagram.