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Trader Joe’s vs. Ralphs: A Definitive Infographic of Which Is the Better Deal

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

The 101 vs. Ventura Blvd. Langer's vs. Canter's. Studio City Carney's vs. West Hollywood Carney's. There are a lot of LA rivalries, but perhaps the greatest of them all is Trader Joe’s vs. Ralphs. Those with a Ralphs club card know how well they can be rewarded price-wise. But Trader Joe’s is card-free, and the prices speak for themselves. Since this is one rivalry we can settle once and for all with empirical shopping data, we investigated which one’s actually the better deal -- using the stuff you know you’re buying every single time you go:

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

It’s pretty clear that Trader Joe’s seems to be the jam. And even when things are priced exactly the same, let’s not forget: TJ-brand quality pretty much dominates Ralphs-brand quality. So, unless you’re going to Ralphs to buy a lifetime’s supply of Swiss cheese and nothing more, Trader Joe’s should be your move for the cheaper grocery bill.

And like, duh, their freezer section is unbeatable.

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Wilder Shaw is a regular Thrillist contributor who loses his damn mind for Trader Joe's hearts of palm. Send him a jar on Twitter at @WilderShaw_ and Instagram at @wildershaw.