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This beachside spot has sour beer shandies and, um, FISH SKIN CHIPS

Salt Air Venice

Breathe easy: Salt Air is no longer just what Angelina Jolie inhaled while shooting a batsh*t-crazy movie about being a super-spy. Because now it's also a seafood-leaning bistro right in Venice with a classic, Cape Cod-ish interior feel and batsh*t awesome food from a Jean-Georges vet.

Salt Air, Venice, CA

Assuming you're not allergic to food from the sea, basically the whole menu is shareable, with classic starters like this steamed mussels in coconut curry and more out-there choices like the aforementioned fish skin chips, served with smoked onion dip and harissa. (We'll explain it all -- that's a hot chili sauce.)

Salt Air, Venice, CA

Mains include straight-up steak frites and this whole, fried red snapper, which you should totally pick instead of the box Hiro-san is bringing down the aisle right now, because it contains nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Salt Air, Venice, CA

To wash down those fish chips, they're doing shandies w/ sour beer, passion fruit, and honey, plus totally rad cocktails like the Sour, w/ Byrrh, Punt e Mes, strawberries, lemon, and demerara sugar.