West Hollywood's first Israeli burger chain, obviously

Now in the former O!Burger spot in the happiest neighborhood in all of Los Angeles, Burgerim's an imported Israeli chain that doesn't dangle a six pointed star around your neck, but rather fattens you up with a myriad of slightly-smaller-than-slider-sized burgers.Each patty's just 3in wide and 3.25oz, including this Shaq Magic Nick Van Exel Kobe guy, pictured next to a buck so you can size-compare, and know how rich we are.They're small enough to order in pairs, like the merguez beef/lamb Mediterranean, and The Chicks. But be cool, high school boys -- these are just a duo of grilled & fried chicken patties. Not content to just eat something called The Chicks? Well, luckily, they've also got the standard sides (two types of fries, these thick cut onion rings) paired with a slew of definitely not-standard dipping sauces, like cool tahini and a spicy-as-hell harissa, which definitely explains all the sweating.