The burrito vending machine exists. You're welcome.

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The burrito vending machine exists. You're welcome.
The burrito vending machine exists. You're welcome.


It's 313a and you're super hungry, stumbling around WeHo, and you can't possibly be responsible for making your own goddamn burrito. Enter: BurritoBox, the first-ever, 24hr, piping-hot burrito vending machine.

Despite what you told your girlfriend in high school, THIS is actually where the magic happens: a brand-new Mobile station on Santa Monica Blvd.

You've got your pick of five different flavors, ranging from breakfast badness (chorizo + egg + cheese) to lunchtime-staple (chicken + rice + beans), all available with three optional sides (Daisy Sour Cream, Tabasco Hot Sauce, or Wholly Guacamole).

Pay the approximate price of a tall latte at LAX...

... and pass the time with a cheesy music video from a band that sounds like bad Third Eye Blind.

When it's ready, pick up your SUPER-HOT (seriously, it's hard to hold) burrito from the bottom... along with your sides, which are incredibly as cold as your burrito is hot.

Throw it all on -- the sour cream, the tabasco, the guac...

... and take a huge bite. How is it? It's good -- for a burrito from a vending machine. Which, at 313a, is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD.

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