Glazed Donut Bistro
This is about to become the most popular donut shop in LA

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Glazed Donut Bistro

There's a new donut shop in WeHo that's stuffing beignets with fried chicken. Stuffing. Beignets. With fried chicken. It's called Glazed Donut Bistro, and it's about to change everything, starting with your New England shrimp roll (which now comes in a Long John, instead of a bun). Here's a look at every line-blurring donut on the menu...

Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Fried Chicken Beignet
What's In It: Uh, fried chicken. Inside a donut.
What It Tastes Like: Magic.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Missed Piggy
What's In It: Lightly sweetened brioche donuts, stuffed with BBQ-pulled pork, and served with pickled vegetables.
What It Tastes Like: Summer camp. Plus donuts.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Shrimp Roll
What's In It: Jumbo crustaceans cooked with dill, tarragon, onions, and capers -- all atop a semi-sweet Long John donut. And one more time for the people in the back: IT'S A SHRIMP ROLL SERVED IN A SEMI-SWEET LONG JOHN DONUT.
What It Tastes Like: New England. Or rather, "New England".
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Monte Cristo
What's In It: Dude, they bake Black Forest ham and Gruyere right in the middle of yeast-raised donut dough.
What It Tastes Like: Brunch. But way better.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Brown Butter Maple Bacon
What's In It: There's brown butter glaze over the whole thing to give it a heavy sweetness, plus that healthy crumble of bacon on top, to give it some salty action.
What It Tastes Like: That one dream you keep having where you jump into a Scrooge McDuck vault that's filled with bacon, instead of money.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Jimmy Carter and Jelly
What's In It: Named after our only president to share a name with Jay Z/farm peanuts, this guy's stuffed with a homemade jam made from whatever's farmers market-fresh, dipped in peanut butter glaze, and topped with toffee-peanuts.
What It Tastes Like: Elementary school. The best parts.

Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Blackberry Mojito
What's In It: Lime curd on the inside, and a cooked-down raspberry-mojito glaze on the outside.
What It Tastes Like: Your ex-girlfriends' lip gloss.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: I'm Shipping Out To Boston Cream
What's In It: It's a handmade Bismarck stuffed with vanilla cream, dipped in chocolate ganache, and topped with white chocolate.
What It Tastes Like: The happiest birthday cake.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: The Creamsicle
What's In It: Vanilla cream, and a blood orange topping.
What It Tastes Like: Um... a Creamsicle.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Sympathy For The Devil's Food Cake
What's In It: This guy's dipped in a Belgian chocolate glaze, topped with streusel, then re-topped with chocolate-covered pretzels.
What It Tastes Like: A chocolate donut, with pretzels. So, really good.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Stumptown Coffee
What's In It: Not only does Bistro serve Stumptown's totally great coffee on its own, but they've dipped a chocolate donut in a glaze made from it -- and then stuck espresso beans right on top.
What It Tastes Like: The best morning ever.
Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: I Like Pina Coladas
What's In It: A yeast-glazed donut's dipped in lime glaze, topped with coconut pastry cream, and topped again with shredded coconut.
What It Tastes Like: Hopefully, making love at midnight. Or at least getting caught in the rain.

Glazed Donut Bistro
The Donut: Bourbon Pecan Glaze
What's In It: They serve booze here, so it's no surprise they booze up the donuts, too -- the whole thing's like a whiskey-ish sticky bun.
What It Tastes Like: Like if Evan Williams had a side-job as a donut baker.

Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist LA. If offered, he will always have sprinkles on his donuts, even if they're full of fried chicken. He's at @thrillistla and @jeffmillerla on Twitter.
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This donutery is serving up seriously eclectic fried dough holes. Ranging in a variety of crazy flavors, you'll really never be disappointed.

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